Destination Springfield: Norbert Walkthrough

Norbert Van Houten is ready to join our town, but we’ve to complete his tasks first! Join us right after the jump for his adventures’ walkthrough!

After unlocking the 1st and 2nd Lost Luggage Mystery Box you unlock some text by him:

Golden Train Teaser Pt. 1

Auto starts

Milhouse: What’s your next thrilling international adventure, Uncle Norbert?
Lisa: Yes, what culturally significant artifact will you be stealing from exploited natives to sell to the highest bidder?
Norbert: “The Golden Train”! Forged in Babylonia five thousand years ago.
Lisa: That’s silly. Babylonians didn’t have trains.
Norbert: Exactly. So either aliens gave them a choo choo, or someone did a “Back to the Future III”.
Milhouse: Both plausible!

Golden Train Teaser Pt. 2

Auto starts

Milhouse: Uncle Norbert, you’re sending Springfielders to find clues to the whereabouts of the Golden Train.
Milhouse: But, shouldn’t you be doing that yourself? I mean, you’re the swashbuckling adventurer.
Norbert: Ye-es. But I thought someone else might like the fun of getting killed searching for cursed ancient artifacts.
Milhouse: That’s so nice of you!

Upon starting a new day in Norbert’s Adventure Tasks, he’ll start a quick random dialogue:

Generic Dialogue Intro

Norbert starts

Norbert: Another day, another transcontinental flight in a seat next to the bathroom.

Norbert: Another day!
Sea Captain: Arrr! More plundering the world’s precious ancient artifacts.
Norbert: We prefer to call it “confrontational antiquing.”

Norbert: Fly to enough places, and we’ll eventually find the clues we need.

Norbert: Hopefully today’s treasures are in countries where they have Krusty Burgers.

Norbert: Let’s see what perilous tasks we have available today.

Then, after starting the 2nd day of Norbert’s Adventure Tasks, the quest for the Globe starts:

The Mysterious Globe Intro

Auto starts

Norbert: This Lost Luggage Mystery Box contains something even more valuable than travel-size toothpastes…
Norbert: A hint to the whereabouts of the “Giant Globe of Directions”!
Norbert: A path has been inscribed on that Globe, by a narwhal tusk inlaid with lapis lazuli, that leads to the Golden Train.
Norbert: Here is your clue: walk where the stars in the sky look down at the stars in the ground.
Norbert: Your plane leaves in an hour. Pack light, the overhead bins are super-full.

The Mysterious Globe Pt. 1

Auto starts

System Message: Keep solving Norbert’s Adventure Tasks before the end of the Act and win the Giant Globe!

Task: Collect Lost Luggage Mystery Boxes [x7]

The Mysterious Globe Pt. 2

Auto starts

Norbert: The seventh mystery box has finally revealed the location of the Giant Globe: right here in Springfield.
Mr. Burns: Yes, it’s been sitting in my study ever since I bought it from an unscrupulous dealer in ancient artifacts.
Mr. Burns: You, Norbert, as a matter of fact.
Mr. Burns: Finish today’s tasks and the Giant Globe is yours.

Unlock and Place the Globe

Globe’s possible messages on tap:

Globe: Argentina is named after silver (argentum in Latin), after the Silver Mountains legend.
Globe: The Simpsons’ visit to Australia in “Bart vs. Australia” marked their first international outing!
Globe: Brazil is the most successful country in the world at soccer, having won five World Cups. Homer referees in Brazil in “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee”.
Globe: Canada has hosted the Winter Olympic Games twice. The Simpsons competed in the 2010 Games in “Boy Meets Curl”.
Globe: The Great Wall of China is a series of branching walls totalling over 13,000 miles long. The mortar which binds the stones is made from rice!
Globe: Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is the only one to appear in the show, in “The Trouble with Trillions”.
Globe: The Czech Republic used to be the Kingdom of Bohemia, and is now the world’s largest consumer of beer!
Globe: Denmark has the oldest flag in the world, having adopted the Dannebrog in 1219
Globe: Egypt’s pyramids date back almost 5,000 years ago to the Old Kingdom.
Globe: England’s capital, London, is the most visited city in the world. The Simpsons first visited together in “The Regina Monologues”.
Globe: Finland was the home to the first internet browser in the world, Erwise.
Globe: France is the most visited country in the world, and is where the Simpsons move to in “Bart-Mangled Banner” to escape America!
Globe: Germany is home to the world’s first savings bank.
Globe: Greece’s inventions include democracy, maps, the water mill, and geometry!
Globe: The Simpsons visited the world’s largest democracy, India, in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore”.
Globe: Italy really is the origin of the pizza, the first documented use of the term being in 997, nearly 800 years before the USA was founded!
Globe: Japan boasts the oldest royal family in the world, dating back to 660 BC. Emperor Akihito appeared in “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” when the Simpsons visited Japan.
Globe: Macedonia was home to Alexander the Great, the most successful general in history, whose empire was one of the largest of the ancient world.
Globe: Mali was home to the world’s richest person in history, Mansa Musa. He had a net worth of around four-hundred billion, more than twice the fortune of Henry Ford!
Globe: Mongolia was home to Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde. The Mongol Empire formed the largest contiguous empire in history!
Globe: Netherlands is home to the International Crimes Court in The Hague. Krusty was tried here in “Elementary School Music”.
Globe: Norway is the most peaceful nation in the world. Why not go skiing there? They invented it!
Globe: Peru is home to Machu Picchu, an Incan settlement high in the mountains. The Simpsons visited in “Lost Verizon”.
Globe: Portugal’s royal court was moved to Brazil for over 10 years.

At the start of Act 2, the quest to unlock Jay G’s Black Leather Plane starts:

The Endangered Plane Intro

Auto starts

Norbert: Our next step in finding the Golden Train is a visit to the lost kingdom of Shambala.
Norbert: But we have to impress King Three Dog Night somehow to get his help.
Mr. Burns: Perhaps if you arrive in my Black Leather Plane. Covered with West African Black Rhino leather, and oiled with Steller’s Sea Cow blubber.
Lisa: Those animals are both extinct!
Mr. Burns: Don’t blame me. They were fine before I started building my plane.
Mr. Burns: But this plane will cost you. You better ask the Great Khan for a loan while getting the next batch of lost luggage.

The Endangered Plane Pt. 1

Auto starts

System Message: Keep solving Norbert’s Adventure Tasks before the end of the Act and win the Black Leather Plane!

Task: Collect Lost Luggage Mystery Boxes [x7]

The Endangered Plane Pt. 2

Auto starts

Mr. Burns: One more day of tasks, and the Black Leather Plane will be yours.

Unlock Black Leather Plane

Norbert: Now I’m off to visit King Three Dog Night, ruler of Shambala.
Norbert: If I’m not back in a week, send a change of underwear. Dude’s an insane partier.

At the start of Act 3, the quest to unlock Norbert and his plane starts:

Norbert Van Wow-ton Intro

After the user logs in on February 24th
Auto starts

Milhouse: Uncle Norbert, you’ve been sending Springfielders on trips to get clues and artifacts for forever.
Milhouse: Shouldn’t you start your own hunt for the Golden Train?
Norbert: Soon, Milly. But first, there’s a certain lady in town I want to impress. A lady who, I think, married the wrong brother…
Luann: Ooh, Norbert. Tell me more…
Milhouse: Mom?
Norbert: Get me something as sparkling as Luann’s smile from a land of capes.

Norbert Van Wow-ton Pt. 1

Auto starts

System Message: Help Norbert impress Luann by completing Adventure Tasks before the end of the Acts.

Task: Collect Lost Luggage Mystery Boxes [x7]

Norbert Van Wow-ton Pt. 2

Auto starts

Norbert: Sweet Luann, please accept this gift of a snorkel mask I found in the Lost Luggage Mystery Box.
Luann: Thanks, Norbert, but I’m really not interested in you. I was just trying to make Kirk jealous.
Kirk: So it’s me you love after all.
Luann: I didn’t say that. I just said I like hurting your feelings.
Norbert: Well, I suppose it’s finally time for me to complete my quest to find the Golden Train.

Unlock Norbert’s Plane

Once he’s unlocked, the quest to get the Gold Train starts:

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 1

Norbert starts

Norbert: The final step on my quest to find the Golden Train is a visit to an ancient hermit who lives high in the Himalayas.
Grampa: If you want to jaw with a senior, I can tell you where the Golden Train is right now. I won’t even ask for a hunk of licorice.

Task: Make Uncle Norbert Listen to Grampa Babble
Time: 3h
Location: Simpson Home

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 2

Norbert starts

Norbert: Dammit, Abe, stop rambling and tell me where the Golden Train is, or I’ll drop you out of my plane without a parachute.
Grampa: That’s exactly what Amelia Earhart did to me.
Grampa: We was looking for a coral atoll to land on, and I said, “I ain’t payin’ no toll”…
Norbert: Aaargggh!
Grampa: Fine, Reverend Lovejoy’s got it. He collects trains, you know.
Norbert: Then perhaps I’d better whip him into shape. With my whip.

Task: Make Norbert Practice With the Whip
Time: 1h

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 3

Norbert starts

Rev. Lovejoy: So the Golden Train is valuable? Geez, I bought it online for like, five dollars.
Norbert: It is a sacred object from the dawn of mankind, with a history that surpasses our uttermost capacity for wonder and awe.
Lovejoy: What are you gonna do with it?
Norbert: Stick it in a parking lot and charge fifty cents to see it.
Norbert: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some advertising to do.

Task: Make Norbert Drop Pamphlets Off With His Plane
Time: 3h
Location: Norbert’s Plane
Task: Place the Gold Train

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “Destination Springfield: Norbert Walkthrough

  1. In my task bar I’m on Norbert Van Wow-ton to 2 – unlock Norbert’s plane, but no missions are popping up. I’m done with my flights so just doing the random ones. How do I complete this quest?


    1. Just like in act 1 and 2 complete another day of his tasks and it will be the prize


    2. That task should trigger tomorrow. youve done the tasks for today so wait until 4am est/10am cet and they should come


  2. On part one where you need to complete the sending someone away 7 times mine has been stuck on part 6 for last few days and i have done it 3 times every day?


  3. JoannaRosemary13 02/20/2017 — 17:22

    I wasn’t able to play much on Act 1 and missed out on the Globe. I am due to get the Plane in a few hours! Will I still be able to get the Globe and the Golden Train? Thanks in advance for your help!


      1. JoannaRosemary13 02/20/2017 — 18:23

        Thanks for your reply! I am disappointed about the Globe but pleased about the Train 😊


  4. I’m not sure whats going on but i have been meticulously collecting everything from neighbours, tapping ever item in my Springfield, and keeping people flying – to the point I’ve run out of places to send people and still have 4-8 hours left on the task, but i never got the Leather Plane 😦 – what have i missed?


    1. The leather plane just like the globe will be unlocked once you complete 8 days of norbert challenges


      1. But I’ve been competing everything to the point of “nothing further to do” and other spring fields I’ve visited already have the leather plane


        1. it’s probably a glitch on the game or… other means. cause you can’t get it yet


          1. Thanks i got it this morning

            Really odd how some people had it 5 days ago. It shouldn’t have been physically possible


  5. Can every character do tasks in Norberts challenges? Even stampy the elephant? The character to do todays 2nd task isnt in the list of characters to choose from.


    1. if you don’t have the correct destinations, unfortunatly you need to clear the available ones to get new ones including the correct one


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