Destination Springfield: Secondary and Crafting Kwik-Tap Guide

The Osaka Flu has infected the town, and all the tourists around are getting infected, while Homer and his crew build and craft more items. Join us right after the jump for the secondary and crafting kwik-tap guide!

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Destination Springfield and Valentine’s 2017: New item in the store and last 24 hours for items!

The previously unreleased Royal Tokyo has arrived in the store, while the last 24 hours for The Hungry Hun w/Uter and Land of Chocolate Chapel, Land of Chocolate Chapel, Motherloving Sugar Co. w/Dia-Betty, Cherub Bird Bath, Cherub Topiary, Cozy Hammock, Valentine’s Balloons, Valentine’s Pond, Valentine’s Tree, Sir Love-A-Lot, I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train, Bundle of Love (Fountain of Love, 2 Lovely Gazebos, 5 Love Bench, 5 Lovely Lampost and 20 Lovely Fences), Valentine’s Cooling Towers and She-She Lounge are here!