Destination Springfield: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

After years of absence from the game, Kumiko has come back, with a new building and her first costume. Join us and Comic Book Guy right after the jump for its premium walkthrough!

Big Trouble in Little America Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Lisa: Okay, just so I understand the premise…
Lisa: In Japan, there’s a restaurant chain called “Americatown” that’s American-themed and serves American food.
Homer: Nothing complicated about that.
Lisa: And we’re opening an Americatown franchise in Springfield’s fake JapanWorld.
Homer: Not a franchise, Lisa. An unauthorized rip-off. There’s nothing more American.

Task: Make Homer Manage Americatown
Time: 1h
Location: Americatown

Big Trouble in Little America Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Now to turn Americatown into a genuine Rock and Roll burger joint.
Homer: I’m talking the kind of giant grease-laden dishes that will bring Guy Fieri running.
Homer: Step one, décor. We need license plates and electric guitars on every wall.
Homer: Bart, this is your area.

Task: Make Bart Grab Guitars From Wimpy Musicians
Time: 1h
Location: Americatown

Bart: How am I supposed to get out-of-state license plates for the walls?
Homer: Either visit your aunts Patty and Selma and see if they have some at the DMV…
Homer: Or slice open great white sharks and see if they’ve swallowed any.
Bart: Fine, sharks. But don’t call it a choice when it’s not a choice.

Big Trouble in Little America Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: If Americatown is going to be a classic rock and roll burger joint, every menu item needs an over-the-top name.
Homer: “Homer’s Nacho Cheddar Meltdown.” “Lynyrd Skynless Chicken Wing Fling.” Something about cole slaw.
Lisa: “Slaw and Order: Special Vinegar Unit”?
Homer: Close but keep working it.

Task: Make Lisa Work on Menu Names
Time: 4h
Location: Americatown
Task: Make Bart Put Up Guitars
Time: 4h
Location: Americatown
Task: Make Homer Manage Americatown
Time: 1h
Location: Americatown

Big Trouble in Little America Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: Next step in making Americatown into a great rock and roll burger joint: the rock and roll soundtrack.
Homer: We need some classic rock songs that we’ll play over and over until everyone in the restaurant goes crazy.
Apu: Elvis Presley!
Moe: Guns ‘n’ Roses!
Lisa: The Miles Davis Quintet!
Lisa: Thought I might sneak it onto the playlist.

Task: Make Springfielders Argue About Music [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Americatown

Big Trouble in Little America Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer: There’s only one more thing to make our restaurant great. Hire some rockin’ waitresses.
Homer: Now, we’ll be competing against certain bosom-based restaurant chains, so I’ll need my staff to have upper body presence.
Wiggum: Hey, if it’s boobs you want, l can start today.

Task: Make Homer Hire Waitresses
Time: 4h
Location: Americatown

Homer: Okay, Ginger, as our new waitress, get out there and show ‘em what American service is like.
Ginger Flanders: Welcome to Americatown. Oh wait, I forgot my order pad. Also, I’m going on a cigarette break.
Homer: Now that’s authentic America.

Cosplay It Again Sam

Kumiko starts

Sailor Kumiko: I love dressing up as a provocative anime character.
Sailor Kumiko: I fly all over the world to appear at comic conventions.
Sailor Kumiko: I can live out my fantasy of being an all-powerful woman that everyone adores and fears.
Sailor Kumiko: Which also pretty much describes my real life working in a comic book store full of nerds.

Task: Send Kumiko on a Flight

System Message: Keep sending Kumiko on flights to earn event currency!

Dispirited Away Pt. 1

Kumiko starts

Sailor Kumiko: Comic Book Guy, let’s get dressed up as anime characters and pose for photos.
Comic Book Guy: I’d love to, my sweet, but I’m in the middle of a Wikipedia edit war.
Comic Book Guy: There, once again I have corrected the offending entry. It’s spelled “yoghurt”, not “yogurt”.
Comic Book Guy: And now my enemy has changed it back again! Oh, it’s going to be a long night.
Sailor Kumiko: …

Task: Make Kumiko Pose for Photos
Time: 1h

Dispirited Away Pt. 2

Kumiko starts

Sailor Kumiko: What kind of husband lets his wife attend the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con all by herself?
Skinner: Would you care to be escorted by a Vulcan who is torn between logic and his all too powerful human needs?
Lenny: Or a guy who couldn’t decide on a costume?
Sailor Kumiko: Perhaps later. Now there is something I most do of utmost importance.

Task: Make Sailor Kumiko Compete in the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con Costume Contest
Time: 4h

Quimby: And the winner of the costume contest is… Sailor Kumiko!
Quimby: Traditionally, the winner joins the mayor at a delightful private dinner.
Carl: Hey, last year I won as Bender and I got nothing.
Quimby: By “traditionally” I meant “Now that a woman has won.”

Dispirited Away Pt. 3

Kumiko starts

Comic Book Guy: How did the Con go without me?
Sailor Kumiko: I won the costume contest and many nerds expressed romantic interest in me.
Comic Book Guy: I see. And…?
Sailor Kumiko: And I am back home to you. You are my husband and my true love.
Comic Book Guy: Would you care to engage in our favorite marital bedtime activity?
Sailor Kumiko: Online ranting? Surely.

Task: Reach Level 13 & Build Android’s Dungeon
Task: Make Comic Book Guy Rant Online
Time: 4h
Location: Android’s Dungeon
Task: Make Kumiko Read Manga
Time: 4h
Location: Android’s Dungeon

Learn About American Values

Ralph starts

Task: Make Ralph Learn About American Values
Time: 8h
Location: Americatown

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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  1. My Cronuts Factory is very busy to make the next badge of cronuts for Act 3 🍩


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