Destination Springfield: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 2

With the end of Act 2 right around the corner, we’re going a bit behind with the schedule but we’re catching up with the many items offered in this event, as right after the jump you can discover the rest of Act 1 premium items’ walkthroughs!

Pont Du Gard

Auto starts

Lisa: Mom, why are you scrubbing the aqueduct?
Marge: Drinking water flows though here. Someone could get sick.
Lisa: It hasn’t been used for drinking water since the Romans built it two thousand years ago.
Marge: Lisa, please. Can’t I have a little fun on my vacation?

La Vigne de le Sang Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: This old winery is in pretty bad shape. I’d call the Better Business Bureau, but… I’ve already stopped caring.
Ned: Well now, Jesus was a fan of wine, as I recall.
Ned: With a bit of hard work, we could have this place producing a killer Cabernet in no time!
Homer: Knock yourself out, Flanders.
Homer: Seriously, those low-hanging beams in the wine cellar are a hazard.

Task: Make Ned Renovate the Chateau
Time: 4h
Location: Chateau Maison
Quest reward: Chateau Maison (renovated) and Grape Stomping Vat

La Vigne de le Sang Pt. 2

Ned starts

Ned: Phew, that took a lot of effort, but the old Chateau is ready to make wine.
Homer: Man, I have never suffered so much to get a drink before.
Homer: And I’ve had to look at Moe’s face while ordering a beer.
Moe: Yeah, if you can get drunk while staring at my p[i][/i]uss, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Task: Make Bart Stomp on Grapes
Time: 4h
Location: Grape Stomping Vat

Ned: Anybody for a nice glass of Merlot?
Homer: Ewww, not after watching Bart stomp all over it.

Krustè With Cheese

French Waiter starts

French Waiter: Welcome to Le Krusty Burger, France’s answer to American fast food.
French Waiter: It’s served incredibly slowly, and it’s dripping with the juices of existential angst and self-pity.
French Waiter: On the plus side, the tip is included in the bill.
French Waiter: That way you don’t notice you’re tipping 100%.

Task: Make Springfielders Dine at Le Krusty Burger [x5]
Time: 1h
Location: Le Krusty Burger

French Waiter: Messieurs, mesdames, did you enjoy your dinner?
Wiggum: Dinner?! I thought that was the appetizer.
French Waiter: Yes, French portions are as tiny as our pencil-thin moustaches and our military commitment to NATO.
French Waiter: But I could bring you another order of US fries.

Eat at Le Krusty Burger

Lenny starts

Task: Make Lenny Eat at Le Krusty Burger
Time: 2h
Location: Le Krusty Burger
Task: Make Carl Eat at Le Krusty Burger
Time: 2h
Location: Le Krusty Burger

A View to Brazil

Lisa starts

Lisa: What a beautiful replica of Rio’s Sugarloaf Mountain, right down to the cable car.
Bart: Oh, this cable car is twice as strong as the original.
Bart: The engineers were warned Homer might ride on it.
Marge: It’s the perfect place for me to show tourists the sights of Springfield.
Marge: Thank goodness I knitted myself a tour guide umbrella.

Task: Make Marge Lead a Tour
Time: 1h
Location: Sugarloaf Mountain

Marge will then talk about 3 of the first 12 items in the list, if present in the town, choosing randomly. If none of the items are present, she’ll talk about the last 4.

Marge: To the left you’ll see Banana Dictatorship, the home of super-skinny clothes that fit no woman in Springfield.
Marge: The glittering lights at the casino are reflected off Grampa’s bolo tie as he gambles away our inheritance.
Marge: Over there is the Duff Brewery. Looks like right now they’re straining the rats out of the vats.
Marge: To the right you can see the Escalator to Nowhere, now the second best location from which to view Springfield.
Marge: From here you can just see King Homer peeking out. Please hide your bananas.
Marge: If you’re blinded by the Mansion of Solid Gold, there’s an optician at the end of the tour.
Marge: Our Monorail lowers property values of every neighborhood it runs through.
Marge: For the best views of incoming flaming comets, check out the Observatory.
Marge: Looking at the hills, you can see that a prankster has changed the Springfield sign to read “Springweed.”
Marge: That statue celebrates Jebediah Springfield, the town founder and dedicated polygamist.
Marge: Oh, look! It’s Stephen Hawking, Springfield’s smartest man. He invented black holes, and now he lives in one.
Marge: The Two-Storey Outhouse was built on the site of Springfield’s old pauper cemetery. They say ghosts will bum cigarettes.
Marge: Oooh, you can see my house from here! And Homer sleeping naked in the hammock.
Marge: The Springfield Nuclear Plant is completely accident-free since it vaporized the town and started this game.
Marge: Springfield Airport holds the record for most cans of whipped cream confiscated by the TSA. All in Homer’s luggage.
Marge: The shop with a parking lot full of surly teens is the Kwik-E-Mart. Stop in if you need meat-substitute products!

Arc De Tirades

Homer starts

Lisa: The real Arc de Triomphe was built by Napoleon Bonaparte to celebrate his greatest victory.
Homer: The invention of the pastry called the “Napoleon”.

Task: Make Homer Eat a Napoleon
Time: 1h
Location: Arc de Triomphe

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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