Destination Springfield: Act 3 Premium Kwik-Tap Guide Part 2

A dancer with an impossible-to-pronounce name, a billboard and a crazy plane bot has landed in Brazil, Springfield as the last premium items of the event. Join us right after the jump for their premium kwik-tap guide!

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Destination Springfield: Last chance for returning items starts now!

The last chance to get some returning items is here. Be sure to grab them while they last (till event end): Cheatau Maison, Pont du Gard, Italian Villa w/Francesca Terwilliger, Big-Digi Ben, Le Krusty Burger, Le Krusty Burger w/French Waiter, Hot Springs, Tropical Island, Sugarloaf Mountain, Wooden Barrels x3, La Belle Frottage, Arc de Triomphe, Mr. Sparkle, The Happy Sumo w/Akira Early Access, Royal Tokyo, Himeji Castle, Chinese Acrobatic Theatre, Battling Seizure Robot, Mr. Sparkle Billboard, Three-Eyed Sushi, Cristo of Springfield, Crazy Plane, Spruce Moose, Attack Helicopter, Dragon Bundle (Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon), Great Wall (Great Wall Tower (main), Great Wall Section (horizontal) and Great Wall Section (vertical)), Giant Takeout Box and Chinese Junk! If an item, like Le Krusty Burger doesn’t appear in the event menu please check the various sections.