Destination Springfield: Act 3 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

The Orfanato Dos Anjos Imundos with Ronaldo, a weird hotel and an opportunities to get platinum donuts has arrived in the final act of the event. Join us right after the jump for their premium walkthrough!

Low Expectations Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Lisa: Ronaldo, my old penpal from Brazil! What are you doing here?
Ronaldo: Your Mayor brought me here to parade around town in my flamingo costume.
Lisa: That’ll cheer the town up!
Ronaldo: Don’t get too excited. He also opened a local branch of my home,“The Filthy Angels Orphanage”.

Task: Make Ronaldo Parade as a Flamingo
Time: 8h

Low Expectations Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Lisa: Mom, my orphan friend Ronaldo is living in Springfield. Can we adopt him?
Ronaldo: Oh, that would be wonderful! To live with a proper American family.
Homer: Not so fast! If we’re getting a new son, I want to trade in the old one.
Lisa: Wait, you’re saying Ronaldo moves in to our house, and Bart goes to the orphanage?!
Bart: Suits me. At least there I won’t have to listen to a fat man choking on too many pork chops.

Task: Reach Level 12 & Build Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Bart Move Into the Orphanage
Time: 4h
Location: Filthy Angels Orphanage
Task: Make Bart Move into the Orphanage
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Low Expectations Pt. 3

Apu starts

Apu: So, Ronaldo, how do you like being adopted by the Simpsons?
Ronaldo: I’m very hungry. At dinner the food is all eaten before I’ve even had a chance to unfold my napkin.
Ronaldo: Even at the orphanage I got three solid bowls of gruel a day.

Task: Make Ronaldo Fight Homer for Food
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Low Expectations Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: Are you excited, Ronaldo? It’s your first day of school at Springfield Elementary.
Ronaldo: I’m a little scared. I’m the new boy. What if I don’t make any friends?
Milhouse: Don’t worry about that! Consider me your new bestie.
Ronaldo: Now I’m really worried.

Task: Make Ronaldo Go To School
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Skinner: Ronaldo, you’re in fourth grade but your math and reading skills are those of an eighth grader.
Ronaldo: Yes, the Holy Sisters of my orphanage felt that nothing was more important than education.
Lisa: Um, mom, can I go be an orphan?

Low Expectations Pt. 5

Ronaldo starts

Ronaldo: Lisa, after spending time in your house and school, I think I’d rather be an orphan in a flamingo costume.
Brazilian Nun: Yes, please take Bart back. He’s a terrible example for our children.
Brazilian Nun: He’s disobedient, disrespectful, and he spray-painted “Mother Superior is a wiener” on the garden wall.
Bart: Hey, it was an honest criticism. I love the place and I want to make it better.

Task: Make Bart Hang out at the Orphanage
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Ronaldo Parade as a Flamingo
Time: 8h

Rio Days-Inn-Ero

Auto starts

Quimby: Finally, another hotel where I can have, er, ah consultations with Miss Springfield about er, ah important civic business.
Quimby: And belly massages.
Blue Haired Lawyer: I’m afraid I’m shutting this place down.
Quimby: Why? Health violations? Safety?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Worse. Torture.
Blue Haired Lawyer: We’ve never seen such a tortured pun name.

Score a Room

Krusty starts

Task: Make Krusty Score a Room
Time: 24h
Location: Rio Days-Inn-Ero

Platinum Scratcher

Auto starts on February 26th

Tourist: The magazines were true! The kids don’t go to school, beggars in the street looking for jobs, they even barter with food items for buildings!
Homer: Is what this magazine says about your education true boy?
Bart: Beats me. The only thing I read is watching internet videos.
Homer: Well, at least you’ve learned grammar.
Declan Desmond: Support Springfield schools by playing the lotto. Platinum Scratch-R are now available!
TSTO Platinum Scratch-R

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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