Destination Springfield: Takedown Premium Walkthrough

A weird and glitchy questline was added with the Takedown update to sell the Tourists Bundle. Join us right after the jump for the takedown premium walkthrough!

On March 7th, the event takedown was released, releasing the Tourists Bundle.

Tourists Upsell

Auto starts

Tourist: Three tickets to get the hell out of here, please.
Wiggum: Sorry, the new government doesn’t allow undocumented immigrants to use the airport.
Japanese Female Tourist: We’re American! We’re only dressed like this because we’re on vacation.
Wiggum: Sounds like wall-jumper talk to me!
Tourist: We’re from Wisconsin!
Wiggum: Wiscon-stan? So you’re from the Middle East?
Tourist: No, the Midwest. Ay carumba!
System Message: Looks like these immigrants are here to stay, get them in the store and give them the jobs no one else wants.
Wiggum: Strike three!

Permanent Vacation

Auto starts

Task: Make Tourist Staycate in France
Time: 4h
Task: Make Tourist Staycate in Japan
Time: 8h
Task: Make Tourist Staycate in Brazil
Time: 12h

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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