“22 for 30” Episode Tie-In: Walkthrough

Get ready for a new episode of the show with this small quick preview of “22 for 30”. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough!

Upon logging in on March 8th, the main questline autostarts, if you’ve reached Level 8.

Hijinks and Hoop Dreams Pt. 1

Auto starts

Skinner: All right students, as you know assemblies mean I have dispiriting news.
Skinner: Government funding is better for sports than academics, so we are now focusing on that. Seems the teachers that always wore sweat pants were ahead of the curve.
Milhouse: Sports? I’m allergic to those. And dust. And cotton. And my own hair.
Skinner: This isn’t easy for any of us. I have to attend a seminar on the proper operation of a whistle.
Skinner: What if there’s an exam at the end?!

Task: Make Youngsters Play Basketball Instead of Doing Math [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Milhouse Shoot Some Hoops
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Milhouse: I now have a whole new relationship with sports. It’s based on mutual respect!
Bart: It’s still school. Haven’t you noticed “Coach” Largo is waving a baton?
Milhouse: But my shots are going in. That’s a thing my shots don’t normally do!

Hijinks and Hoop Dreams Pt. 2

Milhouse starts

Skinner: Milhouse, you’re really enjoying basketball. You remind me of me when I first discovered the joy of following rules.
Milhouse: I love the swish sound when the ball goes in the net. Reminds me of the sound my legs make when I wear corduroy pants.
Skinner: How odd. Anyway, we acquired an outdoor court. For half price – it’s a half-court.
Milhouse: This is great! I feel like Dr. J! Not the player, my “private talks” doctor. He plays in a league with other therapists!

Place the Outdoor Basketball Half-Court
Task: Make Milhouse Practice His Two-Pointers
Time: 2h
Location: Outdoor Half-Court

Bart: I can’t believe you get special treatment ’cause you’re good at basketball. It’s almost like this school doesn’t appreciate pranking at all.
Milhouse: You could join me. You know, like how up until now I’ve done everything you want?
Bart: Please. Our relationship is based on your blind obedience. That’s why it works.

Hijinks and Hoop Dreams Pt. 3

Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Hey Bart, did you change your mind? Who’s that guy?
Anger Watkins: This blue-haired, weak-eyed, quiver-voiced kid is who you’ve been bragging about?!
Bart: Milhouse, this is Anger Watkins, a famous sports reporter with an even more famous short temper. He wants to watch you. Don’t be nervous because he’s totally judging you.
Anger Watkins: I’m judging you, this school, and even those clouds. You call that cumulonimbus? Please! I find better fluff in my navel after wearing a wool sweater. Now shoot the ball, four eyes!

Task: Make Milhouse Practice Very Nervously
Time: 2h
Location: Outdoor Half-Court

Anger Watkins: I’ve been covering basketball a long time, but I’m not even sure how to describe this pathetic display.
Anger Watkins: I need to go home, heat up some canned ravioli, and then sit down and write an apology note to my eyes for making them watch this garbage! I can already tell this is going to be a four stress ball night!

Hijinks and Hoop Dreams Pt. 4

Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Bart, why would you do this?
Bart: I thought a famous sportscaster mocking you would be funny. And, I’m proud to say, my instincts were right. You should be happy for me.
Milhouse: I finally found something that made me feel good and then you made me feel bad about it.
Milhouse: Wow! I think… I think… I think I’m about to stand up for myself.

Task: Make Milhouse Fight Bart
Time: 4h
Location: Outdoor Half-Court
Requires: Bart

On job start:
Anger Watkins: I can’t believe it! The blue-haired boy has attacked his friend with the same level of intense fury I use to brush my teeth.
Anger Watkins: The foundations of their friendship have been hit with an explosion of anger that seems to have simmered longer than a well-made tomato sauce!
Anger Watkins: I see now I may be somewhat responsible for this. I need a diversion so the guilt can’t sink in. How about some road rage? That always works!

On job end:
Bart: OK Milhouse, it took being punched in the guts to realize I may have been wrong. I’m sorry. I was jealous of how good you were at b-ball.
Milhouse: I prefer if you call it “my mad hoop skills”. But I forgive you. Van Houtens can’t hold grudges, or in my Dad’s case, jobs.
System Message: Does Bart ever give basketball a chance? Is Anger Watkins even a real character? Tune in to The Simpsons this Sunday 8/7C on FOX!

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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