Rommelwood Academy, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 and Hellfish Bonanza: All the Update Items and Prices

A ton of new items have been added to our game in this new update: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the new and returning items!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

image name cost

Enriched Learning Center
Returning Characters

Wishing Well

Sham Rock Cafe

Northern Island Leprechaun
Pride Of Ulster Banner

Groundskeeper Seamus
Notre Dame of Springfield

Sgt. Skinner
WWII Tank & Sgt. Skinner
Tourist Bundle
Tourist Tourist Bundle

Tourist Bundle
Character Skins

Cadet Lisa
Left, Right, Left Pt. 4

Hellfish Abe
Hellfish Bonanza

Hellfish Burns
Hellfish Bonanza
Returning Character Skin

Lady Duff
Duff Brewery and Lady Duff
Lady Duff and Duff Party Van
Rommelwood Academy Left, Right, Left Pt. 1
Hangar 18 sidebar_donut50
Enriched Learning Center sidebar_donut125
Hellfish Monument Hellfish Bonanza
Returning Buildings
Fort Sensible sidebar_donut65
Blarney Castle St. Patty’s Mystery Box
Sham Rock Café St. Patty’s Mystery Box
Notre Dame of Springfield St. Patty’s Mystery Box
Duff Center Arena St. Patty’s Mystery Box
Waverly Hills Elementary sidebar_donut115
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
Rommelwood Statue  Left, Right, Left Pt. 2
Rommelwood Barracks  Left, Right, Left Pt. 3
The Eliminator   Left, Right, Left Pt. 5
Pot O’Gold Float  For the Love of the Iris
Keep Out Sign sidebar_donut15
Death to Homer Missile sidebar_donut30
Atomic Bomb
(with Bonus $ and XP)
WWII Tank sidebar_donut40
Training Plane sidebar_donut75
Hellfish Treasure Chest Hellfish Bonanza
Returning Decorations
Green Beer Fountain 5.000
Shamrock Topiary 10.000
Leprechaun Statue 25.000
Stack of Beer sidebar_donut35
Plastic Prison sidebar_donut45
Duff Party Bus Lady Duff and Duff Party Van
Obstacle Wall Obstacle Bundle
Obstacle Tires Obstacle Bundle
Obstacle Wire Obstacle Bundle
Obstacle Log Obstacle Bundle
Attack Helicopter sidebar_donut50
Pride of Ulster Banner First:
Wishing Well St. Patty’s Mystery Box

St. Patty’s Mystery Box

Hellfish Bonanza
WWII tank & Sgt. Skinner sidebar_donut100
Duff Brewery and
Lady Duff
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
Lady Duff and Duff Party Van sidebar_donut50
Obstacle Bundle sidebar_donut50
  Tourist Bundle sidebar_donut60
Permanent Item’s Rebate

Preparatory School
w/Greta Wolfcastle
(Requires Level 31)
Rebate: sidebar_donut40

Bundles content:

St. Patty’s Day Mystery Box possible content: Wishing Well w/Leprechaun, Sham Rock Cafe w/Yupprechuan, Duff Party Liner, Blarney Castle, Duff Stadium, Notre Dame of Springfield w/Groundskeeper Seamus, Duff Center Arena.

Hellfish Bonanza: Hellfish Abe, Hellfish Burns, Hellfish Monument and Hellfish Treasure Chest.

WWII Tank & Sgt. Skinner: WWII Tank and Sgt. Skinner.

Duff Brewery and Lady Duff: Duff Brewery w/Duff Man and Lady Duff.

Lady Duff and Duff Party Van: Lady Duff and Duff Party Bus. If the user already owns Duff Party Bus, another one won’t be given, only the skin.

Tourist Bundle: Tourist [x3].

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “Rommelwood Academy, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 and Hellfish Bonanza: All the Update Items and Prices

  1. You double posted each Tourist in the Character section.

    Also, I find it strange that 2 of the Tourists get the premium rate while the 3rd gets the normal rate.


  2. Thanks for the rundown LPN!

    I’m a fan of statues in this game, so I’d love to get the Hellfish Monument. Am I reading the above correctly? That the only way to get it is in the Hellfish Bonanza bundle which costs 190 donuts?

    It appears the bundle includes another decoration and two costumes? Hmm… Just thinking to myself (ie this is not directed at you, LPN)… that price seems expensive to me… especially considering I already have premium skins for those two characters (Burns (several, actually) and Grandpa). Sigh… decisions, decisions… LOL


  3. Hi, everyone! 😀 From previous events I alredy have the Duff Party Van but I don’t have Lady Duff skin… Can anyone explain me how can I get her? And, when can we get all the stuff from Hellfish Bonanza? Thanks


  4. I bought the Tourists but I’m not really happy about it. I’m not a big fan of having characters that are just made up for this game but economically, 60 donuts is too cheap to pass up on for 3 characters.


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