Rommelwood Academy, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 and Hellfish Bonanza: Dates

Every update have set dates certain times having us rushing to get through them
this one is no exception. Join us right after the jump to the future for the list of all dates of the Rommelwood Academy, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 and Hellfish Bonanza updates! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

Note: The content of the bundles is at the bottom.

All times are GMT.

Date Event
3/28 8am
Rommelwood Academy
Enriched Learning Center w/Leopold
Preparatory School w/Greta Wolfcastle offer
Hangar 18
Rommelwood Barracks
Training Plane
WWII Tank & Sgt. Skinner
Keep Out Sign
Death to Homer Missile
Waverly Hills Elementary School
Plastic Prison
Fort Sensible
Attack Helicopter
Atomic Bomb
Obstacle Bundle
Tourist Bundle
3/17 12am
3/21 8am

3/21 11.17pm
3/24 8am

St. Patrick’s Day 2017
St. Patty’s Mystery Box
Duff Brewery and Lady Duff
Lady Duff and Duff Party Van
Pride of Ulster Banner w/Northern Irish Leprechaun
Pride of Ulster Banner
St. Patrick’s Day Banner
Stack of Beer
Green Beer Fountain
Shamrock Topiary and Leprechaun Statue
3/21 8am
3/28 8am
Hellfish Bonanza

Bundles content:

Hellfish Bonanza: Hellfish Abe, Hellfish Burns, Hellfish Monument and Hellfish Treasure Chest.

WWII Tank & Sgt. Skinner: WWII Tank and Sgt. Skinner.

Duff Brewery and Lady Duff: Duff Brewery w/Duff Man and Lady Duff.

Lady Duff and Duff Party Van: Lady Duff and Duff Party Bus.

Tourist Bundle: Tourist [x3].

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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