Rommelwood Academy and St. Patrick’s Day 2017: Walkthrough Part 1

Skinner is in trouble as a new school is recruiting his kids in the start of the Rommelwood Academy update! Join us right after the jump for the 1st part of the walkthrough!

The update starts automatically when you reach Level 20.

School’s Out Forever Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: After losing a high stakes game of musical chairs to some Russian billionaires, I’ve been inspired – not coerced – into making some sweeping changes to our education system.
Quimby: We’re going to make public schools more like private ones.
Skinner: By investing in computers, firing bad teachers, and paying principals a living wage?
Quimby: No, by charging people to attend them.
Skinner: Is that legal?
Quimby: Is anything I do? Besides, this way students will have a choice where they go.
Skinner: But I’ll have to do anything the kids ask me to, just to keep them. Do you really want civil servants sacrificing their integrity for a payout?
Quimby: Er uh, any additional questions can be directed to my Energy Secretary, Miss Springfield.

Task: Make Kids Extort Skinner [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Skinner Debase Himself
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Elementary

Nelson: Skinner, if you want my money, I’m going to need you to hand over my permanent record.
Skinner: Fine, let me get the forklift out of storage.
Bart: And I expect you to write my essay on the ethics of plagiarism for me.
Skinner: Whoa. That’s a real mind-bender.

School’s Out Forever Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: How could you let these kids walk all over you?
Skinner: I think lying face down in the cafeteria was my first mistake.
Homer: It just seems so unfair.
Skinner: Thank you, Homer, I knew I could –
Homer: We’re the one’s who decide where our kids go to school. If anyone gets to walk all over you, it should be US!
Skinner: But your feet are so much bigger!

Task: Make Parents Extort Skinner [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Skinner Further Debase Himself
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Elementary

Homer: These kids are learning all the wrong skills. Where are the classes on stitching my shirts and building my phone?
Skinner: That sounds like a sweatshop, Homer, not a school.
Homer: Whoa whoa, nobody said anything about paying them. Do it, or we’ll take our funding to another school.

School’s Out Forever Pt. 3

Auto starts

Bart: Homer’s ruining the one good part of school! If I can’t torment Skinner, what’s the point of going?
Lisa: A love of learning? A desire to gain skills necessary for a better future?
Bart: Lisa, know your audience.
Lisa: You could just pick up and go to another school.
Bart: Whoa! Now we’re talking. Bart Elementary is opening in my treehouse! The only school with a dishonor roll!

Task: Make Kids Skip School [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Bart’s Treehouse

Miss Springfield: Oh, Joey, I love when you make those booming proclamations! It takes a brave man to tell people what they want to hear.
Quimby: The mark of a good politician is standing behind your ideas.
Helen Lovejoy: Kids are ditching school faster than adults are ditching religion! Someone please THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
Quimby: It was all Miss Springfield’s fault!

After completing the first 3 parts, the real quest starts with the prizes.

Left, Right, Left Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: I’ve been told that according to some recent law — I don’t really keep up on my politics — if we charge for education we also have to offer some compensation.
Quimby: So from now on, every child that attends our school will get a Class Coin.
Leopold: If you ask me, and no one did, it’s time to put down the carrot and pick up the stick.
Quimby: No one asked you.
Leopold: No one ever asks Leopold. Not to prom, not for this.

Task: Make Bad Kids Skip Class
Time: 3h
Location: Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Collect Class Coins [x80]

Homer: A BILL? For school? Next they’ll be expecting me to pay for well-researched journalism, Flanders’ Noflix password, or ER visits!
Skinner: Parents are expected to make up the difference for students who don’t collect enough Class Coins to pay for their education.
Homer: If I’d known I’d have to pay for my kids, I never would’ve accidentally had them!

Quest reward: Rommelwood Academy

Left, Right, Left Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Look at these school prices. Bart, climb into this basket – you’re going to the orphanage.
Herman: You know, military schools are very inexpensive, since they’re subsidized by the Department of Defense.
Homer: I see no ominous downside to that!
Bart: Come on, Dad, couldn’t you just homeschool us?
Homer: No! I only know thirty-eight states and I refuse to learn any more! Not for you, not for no man.

Task: Make Lisa Enroll at Rommelwood Academy
Time: 3h
Location: Rommelwood Academy
Task: Collect Class Coins [x180]

Chalmers: SKINNER! All your students have enrolled in military school? I’m afraid your services at Springfield Elementary are no longer needed.
Skinner: You’re firing me? But where will I go? All I have is my years of experience running a school, a military background, and a bitterness toward children.

Quest reward: Rommelwood Statue

Left, Right, Left Pt. 3

Auto starts

Skinner: Atten-HUT!
Bart: Oh man, now Skinner’s running THIS school? I can’t get rid of this guy — he’s like the herpes of principals.
Skinner: Tuck in that shirt. Un-tussle that hair. Over-under those laces, mister!
Leopold: Never before have I seen a display of such unbridled uptightness. Skinner, allow me to be your number two: a Göring to your Führer. A Rasputin to your Czar. A Tinkerbell to your Peter Pan.
Skinner: Please, you’d never survive here. I eat number twos for breakfast.
Bart: The one time I don’t have my tape recorder.
Skinner: That’s it, Simpson – I want a five page essay tomorrow on cruel and unusual punishment. Half-spaced!

Task: Make Bart Write an Essay on Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Time: 3h
Location: Rommelwood Academy
Task: Collect Class Coins [x350]

Martin: Don’t they understand – I’m a mathlete not an athlete.
Janey: On the bright side, at least we get out at three p.m. That gives me just enough time to stare comatose at the wall until morning.
Skinner: Effective immediately, Rommelwood Academy is a boarding school, fully prepared to house you day and night. Your first assignment is to build your dorms.

Quest reward: Rommelwood Barracks

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


1 thought on “Rommelwood Academy and St. Patrick’s Day 2017: Walkthrough Part 1

  1. I have made a ticket with EA about Sgt. Skinner bring AWOL in my Springfield. The rep told told me that there will be a patch available within the next 24 hours. It seems I am not the only one being affected by this.

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