Hellfish Bonanza is here! St. Patrick’s Day 2017 items gone?

The Hellfish Bonanza is here. Gil is back with a new promotion. Login now to grab it and get yourself some Hellfish goodies!

For some misterious reasons, the St. Patrick’s Day 2017 items are gone from the store, though the end date was scheduled to be on 23rd… weird glitch!


8 thoughts on “Hellfish Bonanza is here! St. Patrick’s Day 2017 items gone?

  1. Lorenzo UFC 03/21/2017 — 16:33

    Do you get all the items with one purchase of the 190 donuts?


    1. Two skins (grampa + burns) treasure chest and monument


  2. I wanted to buy this deal but after buying donuts, Gil was gone. How do I get him back?


    1. isn’t it in the full menu or in the premium menu?


  3. Aaargh! Yet another update! These updates are getting more frequent and are so slow to update. On my iphone it ticks around so slowly updating the game each time and it’s taking more and more space on my limited iphone capacity. Really frustrating when it times out or drops the connection and has to restart all over again!


    1. this update was done days ago when the academy showed up. no new update

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      1. You sure about that? I got logged out of my EA account just now and cannot reconnect, this is after playing daily multiple times and completing the last patch/content challenge.

        Something is definitely amiss.


        1. yes you just need level 20 to start


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