Rommelwood Academy: Premium Walkthrough

Something misterious is going around the hangar while something misterious is also going on in Ralph’s head. Join us right after the jump for the premium walkthrough of Rommelwood Academy!

I’ll Be Your Wingman

Auto starts

Bart: Skinner’s going easy on you ’cause you’re a giiiiirl!
Lisa: Nuh-uh! He’s going easy on me because I’m a suck-up. It’s favoritism, not sexism.
Bart: Skinner doesn’t give me any breaks. He even took the brakes out of this plane.

Task: Make Bart and Lisa Face the Training Plane
Time: 1h
Location: Training Plane
Requires: Bart

Bart and Lisa: Okay, we give up. You win.
Lisa: This must be what it’s like to be a teddy bear in the dryer.

120 Caliber Hair Trigger

Auto starts

Grampa: She’s a beaut! They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to.
Lisa: You mean cumbersome, dangerous, and prone to breakdown?
Grampa: Don’t forget filled with mercury, you adorable talking cactus.
Homer: Where’s the cup holder? Are you telling me you spent an entire war HOLDING your beer?

Task: Tap the WWII Tank

Grampa: Look at that payload fly!
Lisa: Where do you think that landed?
Homer: That’s a problem for another Springfield.

I Want to Believe

Auto starts

Bart: I heard they are hiding aliens in there. We’re SO sneaking in.
Milhouse: Bart, I’ve already got weird eyes and a body not fit for this earth. Can’t we just skip this and you poke me with a stick?
Bart: We did that last week!
Bart: Just keep watch and I’ll make this a close encounter of the Bart kind. Patent pending.

Task: Make Bart Search Hangar 18
Time: 1h
Location: Hangar 18
Task: Make Milhouse Keep a Lookout
Time: 1h
Location: Hangar 18

Bart: Nothing. Just loose fireworks, oily rags, and unregistered nuclear warheads.
Milhouse: …

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 1

Auto starts

Chalmers: Leopold, I’m entrusting you with Springfield’s best and brightest.
Chalmers: This young man is an artist ahead of his time. He might be the next Dali. After all, he did melt my clock.
Ralph: Teacher says I’m unteacherable!

Task: Reach Level 26 and Unlock Wiggum House
Task: Make Leopold Mentor Ralph
Time: 6h
Location: Enriched Learning Center
Requires: Ralph

Leopold: Ralph? Have you seen the ingredients for your baking soda volcano?
Ralph: …
Leopold: I suppose I should call a doctor. Where’s my phone?
Ralph: *ring ring*

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 2

Auto starts

Leopold: Ralph, let’s try this again. If you have six apples, and you give me two, how many apples do you have left?
Ralph: I don’t have any apples.
Leopold: It’s a hypothetical question.
Ralph: No, it’s a fruit.
Leopold: Just say four. All you need to say is four.
Ralph: APPLES!

Task: Make Leopold Blow Off Steam
Time: 24h
Location: Benches
Task: Make Ralph Play With Wiggle Puppy
Time: 24h

Leopold: This boy is impossible to teach, and I once taught Helen Keller slam poetry!

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 3

Auto starts

Leopold: We’re just going to try some fast paced call and response. Ready? The sky is…
Ralph: Dinosaur!
Leopold: The earth is…
Ralph: Dinosaur!
Leopold: The T-Rex is a…
Ralph: East Berlin!

Task: Make Leopold Take an Angry Walk
Time: 4h

Leopold: Ralph, you’re an idiot. There’s absolutely nothing happening in your brain.
Ralph: Buddha says only an empty mind, clear of thought, can achieve true nirvana.
Leopold: What did you say?
Ralph: These scissors taste salty.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


1 thought on “Rommelwood Academy: Premium Walkthrough

  1. I would be very funny when we really could send a grenade to another Springfield. KABOOOOOOMMMM!


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