Event started and an update on Topix

Hello everyone, LetsPlayNintendoITA here. We’re here to update you on the newest event: the event has just started requiring a new update from the store.

Unfortunatly I’ve bad news. EA has rendered some of the files of the update unreadable and impossible to decode with this newest update. I have also had less and less time to dedicate to this site and the game in general. Regarding the site, the posts will come slower due to this. I will still play the game and update you on the events. If you want to request help on anything you can still comment and I will answer you as much as possible.


18 thoughts on “Event started and an update on Topix

  1. lorcanthehedgehog 03/30/2017 — 20:26

    It’s sad to see this happening, you helped me out on what comes out to Tapped Out for my videos and other stuff.
    However I just thinking that maybe due to this being a spy event, they did this to keep things as a secret and maybe after this event, maybe things might go back to normal like the past. But nevertheless, Thanks for all of the awesome work you done for Tapped Out.


  2. ordinarilybob 03/30/2017 — 18:57

    Just wanted to say, I understand, and to THANK YOU for all your amazing work/effort that you have done. I’ve always visited the Addicts, will continue to do so as I love/enjoy them, but came here for the extra “crunchy” details. No worries though. You do you, and enjoy your life! And Thanks again, LPN!!


  3. Thanks for everything you have done both here and on the wiki, you have made the game much more enjoyable for me and many others. Good luck with everything.


  4. Thank you for all your hard work and communication with us players, you have done amazing things by now and you deserve the rest.
    Good luck and i hope to see you around in comments sections.


  5. Thanks for the work.Why not get someone just as dedicated who has the time and can do the job?


  6. Thanks LPN!!
    Thanks for all the helpful posts. For sure, my TSTO will now not be that easy any more.
    All the best!


  7. Gio…you have been one of the most amazing, selfless, people to work on TSTO…period.
    You will absolutely be missed. Your selfless help with TSTOFriends…and your constant “insider’s view” for the WIKI have been invaluable.

    I know what burn-out is about, my friend. I only wish you the best in whatever you do in the future.


  8. Sad news! I already follow TSTO Addicts, but this is the first Tapped Out page that I started following a few years ago and the first I visit to get news. Thank you for everything LPNITA!


  9. Seekeroftr848 03/29/2017 — 02:55

    Sorry to hear this, I loved coming here and seeing all the prizes and what will cost donuts and what won’t so I know what I want to spend them on. Thanks for all your help and good luck on any future endeavors!!!


  10. Thank you for everything you’ve done to improve the game experience and for all your efforts over the years!


  11. Hello LPN, thank you for all the great word you did for us, and for your help. Will you keep on updating the wiki, or do you stop everything ? Thank you again


    1. if i did the wiki i’d have continued here too 😦


  12. that’s nice to hear. you deserve to have a break. but thank you for all the information you have been giving us


  13. Biscofuego976 03/28/2017 — 22:19

    I hope this is an early April Fool’s joke? 😦

    If not, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. I loved checking your site to see if I should spend or save my donuts!


  14. 😦

    I like the simplicity and color scheme of this site so much more than TSTOAddicts.

    Thanks for all your work.


  15. Thanks a lot for all Your Grad Workshop and all the great posts


  16. Thanks LPN!! Thanks for your long dedication to this game and to your fellow tappers! It’s very sad that you are not able to continue some of your excellent and irreplacable works but I am very happy for you that you can have your life back.

    Wish we will still be able to see you hanging around!!

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  17. Brown_supahero 03/28/2017 — 19:21

    grazie per tutto l’aiuto che hai fornito in passato.


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