What Changed With the Secret Agents Update? (March 28th)

A new event has just started. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

The Splash Screen and App Icon were changed.

New Daily Challenges were added for the event.

Drones are now flying by.

The town center was changed to the Agency Headquarters.

A new ambience music was added.

The decorations limit was increased to 9600.

A new column of land was added.

Milhouse and Bart’s jobs Practice His Two Pointers and Fight Bart now require the Outdoor Half-Court instead of the respective quests to be active.

Japanese Lantern (Small) can now be toggled on or off on tap.

The Rule of Two Pt. 1 now require The Helium-Neon Gas Laser Is Always Greener Pt. 1 to not be started and Pt. 5 to be active. His Daily Challenges now require The Helium-Neon Gas Laser Is Always Greener Pt. 5 to be active.

A new item group, Jails, has been added: Police Station, Springfield Penitentiary, Burns’ State Prison and Minimum Security Prison.

Mapple Store now yields 20 Consumerism points instead of 10.

Lucius Sweets and Gabbo and Arthur now earn Premium.

The menu images for Japanese Cherry Tree and Japanese Maple Tree were added.

The job Interrogate Mr. Bont in the quest I’ve Been Expecting You can now be done with Mr. Bont if owned.

Monty Moneybags was added to the characters inventory group.

Hank Scorpio’s Interrogate Mr. Bont (solo) now requires Death Table to not be owned.

Krustyland Entrance requires the user to not have $

Placing multiple items of the Lunar New Year 2017 update is now possible.

The maximum money a user can have, before the game shows negative numbers, is now $4.294.967.295.

Springfield Greenhouse can now be built from inventory.

Placing Superheroes 2’s Atomic Bomb now yields no XP.

Botanical Garden is now unique, placing it yields 25 XP, its build time is now 6 seconds, it yields 200 Tree-hugging points instead of 100 and its task is now premium.

Bartman Cave now yields 20 Indolence points instead of 10.

Buckingham Pay-Less Motel now yields 20 Indolence points instead of 10, its build time is now 6 seconds and its task is now premium.

Bart, Comic Book Guy, Homer, Lisa, Marge and Willie now have a 8 hours job that activates the Bad Dream House: Sleep in the Bad Dream House.

Sophie Krustofsky now has a 4 hour job, Hang Without Dad, and a 8 hour job, Study Her Religious History, both at Krusty Burger.

Shredded Ned now has a 1 hour job at Maude Praiseland Statue, Trim Maude’s Secret Garden.

IRS blast radius is now used in Krustyland too.

The unreleased Manhole was released, though in white, as Manhole Station.

Plastic Prisons are no longer activated or deactivated together and they now act singularly.

If a user selects an age between 1 and 12, the game won’t let the user login on Facebook with the game giving the message: “Facebook login is no longer available to players UNDER THE AGE OF 13”.

The XP Bar’s total counter was vertically decentered.

The Eliminator, Duff Garden, Zombie Sandwich, Snow Globe and Spooky Campfire’s job list were bugged, not listing what job was started once one is, till reopening the menu.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “What Changed With the Secret Agents Update? (March 28th)

  1. ordinarilybob 03/29/2017 — 19:30

    I noticed, too, that when a window (such as building window, or quest window) is open, you can no longer tap a character’s face in the upper-left-hand corner to auto-close the window and bring up their task list. You now have to manually close the already-open window and THEN select your character. I’m finding that quite annoying.


    1. uh i just tried and it works like normal


      1. ordinarilybob 03/30/2017 — 18:55

        Strange. Still altered for me. I’m playing on an Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, if that matters… Meh. I’ll get over it… Thanks.


        1. Same for me, minor frustration, I tap the character icon at least 5 times before I remember! Thought my monorail centre was broken at first 🙂 I play on Sony Xperia Z3

          Liked by 1 person

  2. where in the inventory can I find the greenhouse? thank you for all the posts – I’m sorry to read you won’t be posting as often.


    1. you’d have needed to have bought it already

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry, but I didn’t understood the bit about KustyLad: “Krustyland Entrance requires the user to not have $”


    1. if you’ve 3 bilion $ you can’t build it


      1. That’s what I thought but seems like such an odd decision :/


  4. jlightakjl3085 03/29/2017 — 01:14

    Maximum money a user can have is now $4.294.967.295. Whats does this mean?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. after that the game will show negative numbers


      1. mango yellow 03/29/2017 — 01:51

        and you will lose all when you back to $0, been there and done that…


    2. It means the programmers used a 32 bit unsigned integer for cash value.


  5. Blue haired lwayer 03/29/2017 — 01:11

    I am so glad I already have Gabbo and Arthur because my phone broke the other day and I can only play on my PC when I am at home so it will be a huge help to get 60 extra event currency.


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