Secret Agents: All the Event Items and Prices

It’s not a joke, though the day is, that the list of all the items of the event is here! Hank Scorpio and the men in tan have taken over Springfield with their new masterplan and somehow Homer and Skyfinger have ended up in the centre of it all … on their side. This is one long event with some extra cool features and loads of fun items! Returning and new alike! Join us right after the jump for the complete item list!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

image name cost
Prize Characters

Agent Bont
Act 1
Death Table

Wayne Slater
Act 2

Stradivarius Cain
Act 3
Situation Room Characters

G.H.O.S.T. Enforcer
G.H.O.S.T. dossiers

Grindhouse Assassin
C.I.A. dossiers

Yakuza Boss
Wall Street dossiers
Premium Characters

Femme Fatale

Adil Hoxha

Russ Cargill
University Nerds Bundle Characters

University Nerds Bundle

University Nerds Bundle

University Nerds Bundle
Returning Characters

Lucius Sweet
Rebate: sidebar_donut20

Gabbo and Arthur
Rebate: sidebar_donut20

Rex Banner
Nighthawk Diner

Number 51
Mystery Drop Box
Premium Character Skins

Camera Hat Homer

Mastermind Hank Scorpio
Mastermind Bundles
Event Buildings
Agency Headquarters The Man Who Knew
Too Little Pt. 4
Surveillance Post The Man Who Knew
Too Little Pt. 6
Hidden Research Facility The Man Who Knew
Too Little Pt. 7
Prize Buildings
Cappuccino Royale Act 1
Dentz Act 1
Springfield Dry Cleaner Act 2
You Only Own Twice Act 2
Painless Dentistry Act 3
Knot What It Seams Act 3
Craftable and Premium Building
Auxillary Agency HQ Event: 1.020
Post-event: 55
Premium Buildings
Cypress Creek Home 45
Cafe Kafka 60
Stoner’s Pot Palace 60
Cypress Creek Elementary 70
Sha-Boom Ka-Booom Cafe 70
Hammock District 80
Crouching Panda,
Hidden Egg Roll
Globex Compound Globex Compound
Prize Building Skins
Forest Headquarters Act 1
Underground Headquarters Act 2
Lake Headquarters Act 3
Craftable Building Skin
Castle Headquarters 1.800
Returning Buildings
Botanical Garden 25
Abandoned Store 30
Pay-Less Motel
Super Collider 70
Unlocks Black Hole
after completing A Matter
of Density Pt. 1.
Springfield Greenhouse Spring Relaxation Bundle
National Bank
of Springfield
Mystery Drop Box
Burns State Prison Mystery Drop Box
Nighthawk Diner Mystery Drop Box
All Seeing Eye Mystery Drop Box
Plastic Surgery Center Mystery Drop Box
Mapple Store Mystery Drop Box
Beach House Mystery Drop Box
Money Decoration
Bistro Set 1.400
Prize Decorations
E.P.A. Truck Act 1
Death Table Act 1
Lava Machine Act 2
Secret Agent Car Act 3
Situation Room Decoration
Screampillar Pond Environmental Protection
Agency dossiers
Craftable Decoration
Dead Drop Mailbox 30
Checkpoint Park Bench 30
Manhole Station 30
Secret Bus Shelter 40
Fragrant Spy-acinths 50
Automated Tracking Machine 50
Watchful Billboard 80
Non-Weiner Wall 120
A.T.F. Van 200
Spy Carriage 240
Nothing to See Here 360
Weiner Wall 420
Vigilant Town Square 510
Deep Dome Drill 780
Parachute Target 900
Premium Decorations
X-Ray Machine
(New one with
0.75% Bonus $ and XP
and 200 points in Vanity)
Globex Balloon First: Mastermind
Bundle 1
More: 20
Not a Laser Shark Pool 50
Cypress Creek Sign 35
E.P.A. Hover Jet 70
Santa’s Little Helper Topiary Greenhouse Asylum Pt. 3
Globex Operations Wing First: Globex
Compound Bundle
More: 2.000
Globex R&D Wing First: Globex
Compound Bundle
More: 2.000
Returning Decorations
Atomic Bomb
(Superheroes version)
Basketball Court 60
USS Tom Clancy 50
Police Tank 60
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 70
Black Hole Super Collider
after completing A Matter
of Density Pt. 1.
Yellow Submersible 85
Satellite Station Mystery Drop Box
Radstation Air Fortress Mystery Drop Box
Prize Consumables
200 Act 1
600 Act 2
1.200 Act 3
Free Land Token Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Premium Consumables
Hacker’s Upgrade Kit Act 1: 90
Act 2: 60
Act 3: 30

Mystery Drop Box
Premium Bundles
Globex Compound Bundle 115
Mastermind Bundle 1 120
Mastermind Bundle 2 160
Rebate: 40
Spring Relaxation Bundle
(4/20 Promotional)
University Nerd Bundle 195
Permanent Items’ Rebates
Knightboat 40
Rebate: 20

Film Set w/McBain
Rebate: 40

Beer -N- Brawl w/Lurleen
Rebate: 30

Duff Brewery w/Duffman
Rebate: 60

Springfield Coliseum w/
Drederick Tatum
Rebate: 50

Bundles content:

Globex Compound Bundle: Globex Compound, Globex Operations Wing and Globex R&D Wing

Mastermind Bundle 1: Globex Balloon and Mastermind Hank Scorpio

Mastermind Bundle 2: Volcano Lair w/Hank Scorpio and Mastermind Hank Scorpio

University Nerds Bundle: Benjamin, Doug and Gary

Spring Relaxation Bundle: School Bus w/Otto and Springfield Greenhouse

Mystery Drop Box possible content:

Satellite Station, Beach House, Radstation Air Fortress, Mapple Store, Plastic Surgery Center, All Seeing Eye and Number 51.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “Secret Agents: All the Event Items and Prices

  1. Hello I find in my friend town this:
    Do You now how get this item(s)?


      1. that’s the radioactive man movie set was in the Superheroes 2 event


        1. It is time for Superheroes 3, so EA could reissue the film set.


        2. They get so many new items (most of them are useless) but there are so many cool old items…


  2. TheRealTiminator 04/14/2017 — 15:36

    Is it absolutely certain that Ghost Enforcer and Grindhouse Assassin are NPCs?
    I only ask because they both appear in the Villains character group, so surely they must be playable, I would guess?


    1. yep they’re npc also npc appear in groups


  3. Crushed and broken hearted that Gogo is a NPC
    Excellent rundown off all the prizes, goodies, huge Thanks


  4. How can I get E.P.A. Hover Jet?


    1. You need to wait for ea to activate it in the store


  5. Hi, do we know if any of the premium characters come with the new buildings / decorations ( would make sense if Russ Cagill came with the EPA plane) or are they all Separate (or is this encrypted as well)?


  6. Awesome list, thanks LPN!


  7. I have to restock my cronuts 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
    So much good stuff, so little donuts in stock.


  8. Hmm, I might have to save up my money to do some KEM farming before this event ends. I’m pretty tempted by the University Nerd bundle but it’s pricey. The “Not A Shark Tank” has a pretty good bonus for the price. I might get that even though I think it’s pretty pointless.

    I’m very excited by the The Yakuza Boss since I’m a big fan of the Twisted World of Marge Simpson episode.


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