Secret Agents: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

The spies are everywhere and you can’t excape them, but maybe you can trap them with the 2nd part of the walkthrough for act 1 of the event right after the jump!

Store note: Cypress Creek Elementary and Cypress Creek Sign are now available!

Pretty Fly for a WiFi

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Someone has been trying to hack into our network, and I’m afraid I’ve discovered whom.
Hank Scorpio: That’s good news. Is it the FBI? NSA? CIA? Please don’t tell me… the WNBA?
Professor Frink: I’m afraid it’s YOU.
Hank Scorpio: Oh, God: my only equal.
Professor Frink: I should say, alternate yous. Or is it parallel? Sorry, I was sick on review day at the university.
Hank Scorpio: We’ve got to beat me at my own game: it’s hack or be hacked.

Task: Hack WiFi in a Friend’s Town [x3]

Homer: So much data. I don’t have to actually read through all this, do I?
Hank Scorpio: The point of espionage isn’t what you DO with the information, just that you HAVE it.
Homer: Woo-hoo! Just as I suspected: reading is for suckers.

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

The Man Who Knew Too Little Pt. 7

Auto starts

Hank Scorpio: We’re wasting too much time and energy on putting out fires.
Homer: So we should be starting fires?
Hank Scorpio: When the heat is on, one needs to be a master of disguise and hide in plain sight.
Homer: Way ahead of you.
Hank Scorpio: Take that off, Homer.
Homer: Homer who? I’m Admiral Troutpuncher of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy.
Hank Scorpio: Oh, brother.

Quest reward: 40 Schematics

Task: Build the Hidden Research Facility
Task: Spend Schematics on Research
Quest reward: 50 XP and 500 Event Currency

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 1

Homer starts

Hank Scorpio: NOW we’re spying! Just remember the Six Sigma three C’s: Collect, Consume, and Control.
Homer: That’s my goal for every meal.
Hank Scorpio: Just look what Oogle pulled off: they turned harmless driving directions into global surveillance.
Homer: And made me fall for a sexy computer voice that I can never have for my own.

Task: Make Homer Bug Houses
Time: 4h
Location: Homes

Hank Scorpio: Strong work, Homer. Where did you train to become such an expert in spying?
Homer: Years of practicing on Flanders. My motto: A bug in every Bible and a camera in every Christ on the cross.

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 2

Bart starts

Bart: You guys are going about this all wrong. Everyone already willingly shares their most intimate details on Springface. Get with the times, man!
Grampa: I’m still partial to keistering microfilm. Nothin’ beats the feelin’ of knowing you got secrets in your bum.
Hank Scorpio: Ignore the old man, but the boy is onto something. Social media is the modern spycraft and knowledge is more powerful than any gun…
Hank Scorpio: …except for ACTUAL guns, naturally.
Homer: Let’s get creeping! I can’t wait to pretend I still care about jerks I haven’t seen since high school.

Task: Make Homer Signup for Springface
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Bart Hack Homer’s Springface
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Marge: Homer! Why did you change your relationship status to “It’s complicated”?!
Homer: I don’t remember doing that. Maybe it was at the same time that I changed my name to “Anita Mann”.
Bart: *chuckles*

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 3

Homer starts

Hank Scorpio: Data is everywhere and it’s ripe for the picking. The trick is in getting some, without people realizing they’re giving it away.
Moe: Like prom night.
Hank Scorpio: We’ve got banner ads, malware, pop-ups, drop-downs, and freemium mobile games – all that’s left is to spam people with phishing emails.
Homer: Aye-aye, Captain! I’m onboard hook, line, and sinker.

Task: Make Homer Spam Fishing Emails
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Homer: Soooo… I think my email got hacked.
Hank Scorpio: You made your password “password” didn’t you?
Homer: I’m not an idiot. I made it “Homer Simpson’s password”. Much harder.

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 4

Homer starts

Hank Scorpio: What were you thinking, using your personal email instead of the encrypted one I gave you?
Homer: It was convenient – I’ve had ChunkyLover53 since college. It speaks more about me than me.
Hank Scorpio: Well, now your identity has been stolen!
Homer: Can we go identity shopping? Can we?! Can we?! Ooo, I can be Hank Scorpio!
Hank Scorpio: …

Task: Make Homer Shop for a New Identity
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

Hank Scorpio: What happened to finding a new identity?
Homer: I got mine back, once the guy realized it wasn’t worth stealing.
Homer: AND he improved my credit score. Now I can go out and ruin it again!
System Message: The story will continue in Act 2. Keep scanning for Agents and collecting Intel to get more prizes!
Quest reward: 50 XP and 500 Event Currency

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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