Secret Agents and Easter 2017: Dates

We have finally decrypted it! We’ve the dates of the event, thanks to our pal NAT Damarist! Every update have set dates certain times having us rushing to get through them this one is no exception. Join us right after the jump to the future for the list of all dates of the Secret Agents event and Easter 2017 update!

Note: The content of the bundles and Last Chance are at the bottom.

All times are 7am BST.

Date Event
3/28-5/9 Event
Mystery Drop Box
Mastermind Bundle 1
Mastermind Bundle 2
Camera Hat Homer
Globex Balloon
Bistro Set
3/28-4/11 Act 1
Hacker’s Kit (90 Donuts)
Globex Compound Bundle
3/28-4/4 National Bank of Springfield
Springfield Coliseum w/Drederick Tatum rebate
Beer -N- Brawl w/Lurleen rebate
Film Set w/McBain rebate
3/28-4/5 Environmental Protection Agency dossiers
3/30-4/6 Atomic Bomb
3/30-4/11 Not a Laser Shark Pool
4/1-4/8 Basketball Court
4/1-4/11 Cypress Creek School
Cypress Creek Sign
4/3-4/10 X-Ray Machine
Duff Brewery w/Duffman rebate
Lucius Sweet
Gabbo and Arthur
4/4-4/14 University Nerds bundle
4/5-4/12 USS Tom Clancy
4/7-4/14 Super Collider
4/7-4/25 Russ Cargill
4/8-4/16 G.H.O.S.T. dossiers
4/10-4/17 Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
4/11-4/25 Act 2
Hacker’s Kit (60 Donuts)
Femme Fatale
4/12-4/19 Knightboat rebate
4/14-4/21 Botanical Garden
4/14-4/25 E.P.A. Hover Jet
4/16-4/23 The Island of Dr. Hibbert
4/16-4/24 Easter 2017
Sharry Bobbins
Blocko Store
Easter Island God
Hugs Bunny
Natural Faberge Egg
Egg Council Guy
Easter Flag
4/16-4/25 Easter 2017
Praiseland Statue
4/18-4/25 Abandoned Store
4/18-4/26 C.I.A. dossiers
4/19-4/25 Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll
4/20-4/27 Spring Relaxation Bundle
Stoner’s Pot Palace
4/22-4/29 Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe
Nighthawk Diner
4/25-5/9 Act 3
Hacker’s Kit (30 Donuts)
Adil Hoxha
4/25-5/2 Police Tank
4/27-5/4 Burns State Prison
4/27-5/9 Hammock District
4/28-5/6 Wall Street dossiers
4/29-5/9 Cypress Creek Home
5/1-5/9 Cafe Kafka
5/3-5/9 Yellow Submersible
5/5-5/9 Last Chance
5/9-5/16 Auxilliary Agency HQ

Bundles content:

Globex Compound Bundle: Globex Compound, Globex Operations Wing and Globex R&D Wing

Mastermind Bundle 1: Globex Balloon and Mastermind Hank Scorpio

Mastermind Bundle 2: Volcano Lair w/Hank Scorpio and Mastermind Hank Scorpio

University Nerds Bundle: Benjamin, Doug and Gary

Relax Bundle: School Bus w/Otto and Springfield Greenhouse

Mystery Drop Box possible content:

Satellite Station, Beach House, Radstation Air Fortress, Mapple Store, Plastic Surgery Center, All Seeing Eye and Number 51.

Last Chance items:

Globex Compound Bundle, Not a Laser Shark Pool, Cypress Creek Elementary, Cypress Creek Sign, Russ Cargill, Femme Fatale, E.P.A. Hover Jet, Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll, Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe, National Bank of Springfield, Atomic Bomb, Basketball Court, X-Ray Machine, USS Tom Clancy, Super Collider, Buckingham Pay-Less Motel, Knightboat rebate, Botanical Garden, The Island of Dr. Hibbert, Abandoned Store, Nighthawk Diner, Police Tank, Burns State Prison, Springfield Coliseum w/Drederick Tatum rebate, Beer -N- Brawl w/Lurleen rebate, Film Set w/McBain rebate, Duff Brewery w/Duffman rebate, Lucius Sweet, Gabbo and Arthur, Stoner’s Pot Palace and Spring Relaxation Bundle.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


6 thoughts on “Secret Agents and Easter 2017: Dates

  1. Last chance to get them this event again for those days


  2. Why are they listed as “Last Chance” items? Never going to be offered again? Just curious.


  3. …nice! Thanks for not giving up. Good looking out 👍🏼


  4. TheRealTiminator 04/12/2017 — 15:56

    Hhhmm! Might have to farm some rat trap trucks to get enough donuts for Shary Bobbins as she’s been re-released before, so this might be the last time she’s offered.


  5. Dieter von Dusseldorf 04/12/2017 — 14:17

    Using my bonuts to stock up on multiple knightboats as we speak!!! 😉


  6. Brilliant stuff – thanks as always for all your hard work!


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