Secret Agents: Act 2 Prizes

Hello secret skyfingers … With Hank Scorpio using the “genius” of Homer for his new plan, spies are at large in Springfield. With this Secret Agents major event we have a lot of items to cover with new items coming on surprise dates and many recurring event features like prizes and crafting. With EA taking the spy route of encryption for the event dates and premium prices there isn’t much we can tell you in terms of spoilers but it does mean you can wake up each day with an open mind of what’s in the store. A Dry Cleaners, Lava Lair and a Spy – today we’re looking at the prizes for Act 2 so buckle up and join us over the jump for basics on the Act 2 prizes …

Store update: The last 24 hours for the University Nerds Bundle (Benjamin, Doug and Gary) and the Super Collider are here!

Image Name Cost
Springfield Dry Cleaner 6,450
Free Land Token 14,750
Lava Machine 25,850
Underground Headquarters 39,700
Schematic.png600 48,000
You Only Own Twice 60,000
Wayne Slater 74,800

And now some basic details that I’ve decided to include …

Twelve-Day Dry Cleaners – 6,450Personal Intel.png


Dimensions: 9×6
Earns: $300, 30XP every 24hrs

Free Land Token – 14,750Personal Intel.png


Will be able to buy any land (water, land or beach) for FREE.

Lava Machine – 26,800Personal Intel.png


Dimensions: 12×12
Spews lava when tapped

Underground Headquarters – 39,700Personal Intel.png

Building Skin

Just a building façade for the free office headquarters (and the auxiliary building) we got along with the Forest Headquarters unlockable with Act 1.

Schematic.png600 – 48,000Personal Intel.png


Awards 600 Schematics which can be used for crafting. Not a tangible item.

You Only Own Twice – 60,000Personal Intel.png


Dimensions: 5×5
Earns: $260, 26XP every 20hrs

Wayne Slater – 74,800Personal Intel.png

Full Playable Character

Wayne Slater (full character) has a questline, 2 visual tasks

Become a sleeper agent (4hrs)

Practice Martial Arts (8hrs)

I hope you found the above information helpful. Come back for more information and Happy Tapping!


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