Secret Agents: Act 2 Walkthrough

Homer and Hank Scorpio are back for more spy action in the 2nd act of the event, join us right after the jump for the walkthrough!

Store update: A new item has been added, the E.P.A. Hover Jet, while the Botanical Garden is back in the store!

The Worn Identity Pt. 1

Homer starts

Hank Scorpio: We can’t keep up! For every enemy we know about, there are four more hiding in the shadows.
Krusty: Like paternity suits!
Skinner: Or Mother’s moles.
Hank Scorpio: What good are eyes everywhere, when half of them are lazy? What we need is a sleeper agent.
Homer: Did someone say “sleeper”? *Yawn* I might be able to help you out.

Task: Make Homer Become a Sleeper Agent
Time: 4h

Man-in-Tan: Sir, are you alright?
Homer: Wha…?
Hank Scorpio: Homer, you did it: you exposed an enemy agent!
Homer: Woo-hoo! That’s a lot less than I normally expose!

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

The Worn Identity Pt. 2

Homer starts

Hank Scorpio: You’re a natural covert agent, Homer. I’m sending you under cover.
Homer: Ooh, “under covers”! Do I get pajamas? If not, I can sleep in the buff.
Hank Scorpio: What you get is this donut with a microscopic camera, so that you-
Homer: A micro-what?
Hank Scorpio: That camera is lost forever.
Homer: We can get it back when it comes out.
Hank Scorpio: Like I said, “lost forever”. We’ll go with a second camera in a giant cowboy hat instead.

Task: Make Homer Go Undercover
Time: 4h

Hank Scorpio: How’d it go? Did you get some good footage?
Camera Hat Homer: I watched a plastic bag blow in the wind for hours.
Camera Hat Homer: That footage is still more exciting than Daniel Day Lewis’ “Lincoln”.
Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

The Worn Identity Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: Egahh!! Those are the most horrifying monsters I’ve ever seen!
Hank Scorpio: This is the footage we recovered from your stomach.
Homer: Last night’s pork chops don’t look so pretty anymore.
Hank Scorpio: And why is your hat buzzing?
Homer: That’s probably the bee. I bugged it, just like you said.
Homer: Don’t worry, I made sure it was a queen: I’m not an idiot.

Task: Make Homer Run From Bees
Time: 4h

Camera Hat Homer: Soon I’ll be more honey than spy!

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

No Rest for the Wicked

Marge starts

Hank Scorpio: Being an evil mastermind isn’t all fun and games – except for Mastermind: the game, which is fun. We can play that after this.
Marge: I can only imagine how much dust builds up in an underground volcano base.
Hank Scorpio: It’s worth it for what I save on my heating bill, and nothing keeps the minions in line like being surrounded by molten lava.
Homer: An evil mastermind isn’t just evil laughs and Rube Goldberg death traps?
Hank Scorpio: No. And it’s not a one-man operation. One has to surround oneself with good henchmen like you, Homer.
Homer: There’s no “I” in Mastermind.

Task: Make Homer Practice His Evil Laugh
Time: 4h
Location: Agency Headquarters
Task: Make Sea Captain Feed the Mutant Sharks
Time: 4h
Location: Agency Headquarters
Task: Make Willie Clean the Death Traps
Time: 4h
Location: Agency Headquarters

Homer: Muhahaha!
Hank Scorpio: Keep practicing – it’s got to come from a deep dark place within you.
Homer: It’s coming from my gut.
Hank Scorpio: I meant your childhood.

Quest reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Secret Agent Moe

Moe starts

Hank Scorpio: It’s time we fought fire with its mortal enemy: more fire!
Lisa: Didn’t the Cold War teach you anything about world-devastating weapon one-upmanship?
Hank Scorpio: That’s a great idea: an endless cycle of fear!
Moe: I got just what you guys need: a jar of pickled eggs that’s been sitting by the radiator since I first opened shop.
Hank Scorpio: Do we dare cross the line into biological warfare?

Task: Make Moe Retrieve Preserves of Mass Destruction
Time: 4h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Moe: No one will mess with you, so long as you’ve got these rancid bomb shells!
Homer: Hey Moe, your eggs are bursting with flavor!
System Message: The story will continue in Act 3. Keep scanning for Agents and collecting Intel to get more prizes!

Quest reward: 50 XP and 500 Event Currency

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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