Easter 2017: Update started – All Items and Prices

Easter has just landed in our town with a small selection of items and a new statue for our town! Join us right after the jump for the complete item list of this update!

Store update: The Island of Dr. Hibbert has been added to the store, while the last 24 hours for the Buckingham Pay-Less Motel are here!

The new item, Maude Praiseland Statue, doesn’t unlock a new quest, but it gives Ned a new 4 hours animated premium job, Tend Maude’s Statue, and Shredded Ned a new 1 hour animated premium job, Trim Maude’s Secret Garden!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

image name cost
Returning Characters

Egg Council Guy

Hugs Bunny
Rebate: 30

Shary Bobbins
Rebate: 15
Returning Building
Blocko Store 30
New Decoration
Praiseland Statue 40
Returning Decorations
Easter Flag 10
Easter Island God 100
Rebate: 40
Natural Faberge Egg 100
Rebate: 70

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Easter 2017: Update started – All Items and Prices

  1. Tempted by Shary Bobbins but not at that price. Not too fussed with any of the others.


  2. Shary is too expensive to justify, even with the rebate. I’d rather spend 100 donuts on Jesse since he’s useful with my Tuesday 5 donut blueprint grab.


  3. I finished the situation room dossiers. is G.H.O.S.T. a npc? he shows up in inventory as a secret villain, but I haven’t seen him. thanks. happy easter

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dieter von Dusseldorf 04/16/2017 — 17:05

    I had to get everything, and I did 🙂


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