Easter 2017: Update started – All Items and Prices

Easter has just landed in our town with a small selection of items and a new statue for our town! Join us right after the jump for the complete item list of this update!

Store update: The Island of Dr. Hibbert has been added to the store, while the last 24 hours for the Buckingham Pay-Less Motel are here!

The new item, Maude Praiseland Statue, doesn’t unlock a new quest, but it gives Ned a new 4 hours animated premium job, Tend Maude’s Statue, and Shredded Ned a new 1 hour animated premium job, Trim Maude’s Secret Garden!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

image name cost
Returning Characters

Egg Council Guy

Hugs Bunny
Rebate: 30

Shary Bobbins
Rebate: 15
Returning Building
Blocko Store 30
New Decoration
Praiseland Statue 40
Returning Decorations
Easter Flag 10
Easter Island God 100
Rebate: 40
Natural Faberge Egg 100
Rebate: 70

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Easter 2017: Update started – All Items and Prices

  1. Shary is too expensive to justify, even with the rebate. I’d rather spend 100 donuts on Jesse since he’s useful with my Tuesday 5 donut blueprint grab.


  2. I finished the situation room dossiers. is G.H.O.S.T. a npc? he shows up in inventory as a secret villain, but I haven’t seen him. thanks. happy easter

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