Secret Agents Premium Walkthrough: University Nerds

3 University Nerd have landed in our town with a new Gil Deal! Join us right after the jump for their unified questline walkthrough!

Gil Deal

Gil starts

Gil: Hey, can I interest you in three computer nerds who are faster than fiber optic, more powerful than China’s Tianhe-2 supercomputer, and able to leap firewalls in a single click?

Offer accepted:
Gil: Woo-hoo! I’m a bonafide broker!
Gil: I make the deal and those nerds do the work! And after signing bonuses and service fees I take home a sweet-
Gil: Hoo-boy… I owe THEM thirty-six dollars.
Gil: Never let computer geeks draw up the contract.

Offer declined:
Gil: No deal? You’ll regret that when your gas and electric bill goes to your spam folder…
Gil: …you don’t pay it on time and they cut off your heat and you’re taking sink baths at the public library. How did this become about me?

Hack to the Future Pt. 1

Doug starts

Doug: My stupid calculus professor gave me an “A”, which would have been an “A+” if he bothered to calculate Pi to more than thirty-two places.
Benjamin: Your GPA just dropped to a 3.9999. Not sure we can hang together anymore.
Doug: The Professor won’t change the grade, so that leaves us with only one recourse.
Doug: Gentlemen, we’re going rogue!
Gary: Okay, but let’s not go too late. I have an orthodontist appointment this afternoon.

Task: Make Benjamin Hack University Test Scores
Time: 4h
Requires: Doug and Gary

Hack to the Future Pt. 2

Gary starts

Gary: We did it! Calculus grade successfully hacked!
Benjamin: I feel peptides activating my body’s opiate receptors!
Doug: An endorphin rush! I had one too! I want to feel it again!
Gary: But our test scores are all 100% already.
Benjamin: But our social lives are all zeroes!
Doug: We can hack those too!

Task: Make Benjamin Hack the Ashley Madden Site
Time: 4h
Requires: Doug and Gary

Benjamin: I don’t think hacking that dating site was a good idea.
Gary: Because of the ethical quandary?
Benjamin: No, because now we know that 96% of the women on the internet aren’t real!
Doug: We have to post our data. It’s up to us to save other nerds from falling prey to faux females!

Hack to the Future Pt. 3

Benjamin starts

Benjamin: Wow, guys look at these comments! The internet is blowing up!
Doug: They love what we’re doing – the first human love I’ve felt in a long time.
Gary: And they want us to hack more stuff — news outlets, the government, the Powerball Lottery.
Benjamin: We truly are heroes of the internet community. We owe it to them to fight their battles… always behind the cloak of our online anonymity!
Benjamin: But first, we have a much more important target to take down.

Task: Make Benjamin Hack a Movie Studio Over Nerd Stereotypes
Time: 4h
Requires: Doug and Gary

Hack to the Future Pt. 4

Doug starts

Doug: Um, guys? We’ve got another 200 friend requests over on Springface…
Benjamin: And more followers on Instaspring and Viewtube than our automated acceptance scripts can handle!
Gary: Half of them want us to undo what the other half is demanding! They’re unreasonable… insatiable!
Doug: Our hacking requests have vastly outgrown capacity! What can we do?!
Benjamin: I… I… I’m getting a stress nosebleed!
Doug: That’s it! Human maladies engage!

Task: Make Benjamin Get a Random Nosebleed
Time: 1h
Task: Make Doug Use an Asthma Puffer
Time: 1h
Task: Make Gary Use Ear Drops
Time: 1h

Hack to the Future Pt. 5

Gary starts

Gary: I’ve deleted all our social media accounts and scrubbed the hard drives.
Doug: I’ve erased all of our internet histories.
Benjamin: From this point forth, Gary, Doug, and Benjamin do not exist…
Benjamin: So choose a superhero avatar and let’s get back online!

Task: Make Benjamin Roleplay Online
Time: 12h
Location: Java Server
Task: Make Doug Roleplay Online
Time: 12h
Location: Java Server
Task: Make Gary Roleplay Online
Time: 12h
Location: Java Server

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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