Secret Agents Prize Walkthrough: Agent Bont

His name is Bont, Agent Bont, and he’s ready to do his mission, are you too? Join us right after the jump for his walkthrough!

Store update: The last 24 hours for the Easter 2017 items are here: Sharry Bobbins, Blocko Store, Easter Island God, Hugs Bunny, Natural Faberge Egg, Egg Council Guy, Easter Flag. Maude Praiseland Statue will stay in the store for one more day!

From Springfield With Love Pt. 1

Agent Bont starts

Agent Johnson: Sorry to call you out of retirement, Agent Bont, but we’ve lost contact with your successor. His last call-in was here in Springfield.
Agent Bont: A debonair super-spy, hanging out in a dump like this? Pigsties DO make perfect covers.
Agent Johnson: We’re short on time, so your first task will be check the agent’s last known location.
Agent Bont: I’d have been here sooner, but I had to renew my license to kill and the lines at city hall on a Friday before a three-day weekend are deadly.
Agent Johnson: We’re in luck. We know that he was staying in a brown house. There can’t be many of those…

Task: Make Agent Bont Search Brown Houses [x3]
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House

Agent Bont: How now brown house? I just wanted to say that. Now, we’ve uncovered the place, but we’ve also uncovered trouble. People kept breaking in for one reason or another.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 2

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: Undergarments, charge card receipts, used prophylactics… This agent of yours was either a playboy or an avant-garde performance artist.
Agent Johnson: He was hot on the trail of the nefarious mastermind, Nojob.
Agent Bont: Or did you mean, hot on the TAIL?
Agent Johnson: No, I didn’t mean that at all.
Agent Bont: More like hot on the tail. It looks like he was about to meet with an informant: a Miss Jenny Talia.
Agent Johnson: It’s our only lead. You’ll have to make that meeting, Agent Bont. But approach with care, lest you arouse Jenny Talia’s… suspicions.

Task: Make Agent Bont Find Jenny Talia
Time: 4h
Location: Blue House

Agent Bont: I’ve penetrated every crack and crevice, but there’s no sign of Jenny Talia.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 3

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: I’m afraid there’s no treasure at the end of this trail.
STEM-antha: Then it’s time to cache out, Agent Bont.
Agent Bont: Domi-Matrix! I thought I heard CPU fans.
STEM-antha: Care to input any last words, Mr. Bont?
Agent Bont: Only that I die in the flash drive light of your beautiful LED eyes.

Task: Make Agent Bont Seduce Domi-Matrix
Time: 60s
Location: Blue House

STEM-antha: All I’ve ever known is 1’s and 0’s, but with you I’ve coded a 2.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 4

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: Control, I’ve turned an enemy agent and she’s revealed the location of Nojob’s secret golden lair.
Agent Johnson: Excellent, Agent, but you’re going to need more than your gold-plated gun. Procure your equipment from F before engaging.

Task: Make Agent Bont Visit “F”
Time: 4h
Location: Frink’s Lab or Brown House

Frink: Here’s your exploding pen — you’ll need the pocket protector, X-ray specs — above the waist only! And a boomerang moustache, with the whooshing and return trip to the lip.
Agent Bont: And what about this teddy bear, F? I suppose it’s some sort of plushie gas grenade?
Frink: Good glavin, don’t touch Teddy Tetrahedran!
Frink: …he’s the only thing that keeps me agah-giga-gah-hoyvan-SANE!

From Springfield With Love Pt. 5

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: I’m armed, dangerous, my tuxedo is back from the dry cleaners and I’m ready to infiltrate Nojob’s evil lair.
Lampwick: Let me save you that trouble, Agent Bont.
Agent Bont: Nojob! Eat moustache!
Lampwick: Thanks to F, your boomerang moustache is no more than a low-level lip doily.
Agent Bont: Double-crossed by a crumb catcher?! Who could have guessed?! I suppose I should have.

Task: Make Bont Struggle in a Death Trap
Time: 4h
Location: Death Table

Lampwick: What the?! How did you escape?
Agent Bont: Your first mistake was leaving me alone after explaining your entire evil plan. Other mistakes were made, but that one sticks out.
Lampwick: I don’t tell you how to be handsome; so don’t tell me how to trap an agent.
Agent Bont: The only trap you should worry about is prison – and then planning your inevitable escape.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “Secret Agents Prize Walkthrough: Agent Bont

  1. TheRealTiminator 04/23/2017 — 16:07

    Not particularly relevant to this post I know, but I just hit level 939 so I’m back into bonus spins for donuts every time I fill the XP bar now.
    I remember reading somewhere that here was a pattern to where the 3 donuts appear each time, not being random as they appear.
    I have tried the search bar but cannot find it, does anyone remember the sequence or have a link to the post that contains it?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Congrats on hitting max!
      The sequence was never posted. Mike had a system he swore by but never disclosed it. It is close to an exploit, so if it was public knowledge it most likely wouldve been changed and been randomised. Also this was years ago, it couldve changed anyway.
      Me, I never even bothered trying to remember it. Sorry but thats how it is.


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