Secret Agents Takedown is Live: New teaser!

The Takedown update is live and a new teaser was just released with the store update. What do you think is coming? Let us know in the comments down below!

The documents were swapped, the messages decoded, and the world was saved (well most of it)! Now it’s time to put away the shoe phones, pen blow darts, watch cameras, and other mail-order gadgets, and get back to civilian life in Springfield. But what could be next for your town? A face-paint focused collegiate experience? A temporal trip? A quicky wedding? Stay tuned for more characters, buildings and stories coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Secret Agents Takedown is Live: New teaser!

  1. Tapatapatapa 05/10/2017 — 13:38

    Are we finally getting Springfield University?
    Time travel, H&M wedding shame, sports teams…it seems to fit


  2. Chris Mason 05/09/2017 — 21:00

    I like to see something with the Stanley cup going on


  3. Time travel = Awesome. Wedding theme = Ok. College Sports theme = Lame for me – but with how jacked people get for their “team pride” would probably bring lotsa $$$ for EA.


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