What Changed With the Secret Agents Takedown Update? (May 9th)

The takedown update is coming, removing the event. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

Auxiliary Agency HQ was removed from the business inventory group, is no longer unique, and is now sold till May 16th at 7am BST.

Agency Headquarters and Hidden Research Facility can now be stored.

The Splash Screen and App Icon were changed back to normal.

Drones flying by were removed.

The town center was changed back to normal.

In Around the World Pt. 2, “You got a free land token. Buy land to redeem it.” was changed to “You got a Free Land Token. Buy land to redeem it.”.

In NahasapeemaPinPal Pt. 4, “… great. So you’ll be on top form for our next match.” was changed to “… great. So you’ll be in top form for our next match.”.

A glitch in the quest Fuji’s Peak Pt. 1 was fixed.

Open Air Stage, Nightmare Pile, Spooky Campfire, Tailgate, Springfield Fire Department, Town Plaza and Springfield Bowl, Springfield Dump, Metal Depot, Glass Depot and Plastic Depot’s jobs are now all marked as animated.

Car Impound Lot, Jebediah Springfield, Shelbyville Manhattan, Ned’s Camper and Shelbyville Manhattan Statue can now only be stored when tutorial is completed.

Drone Scan is now permanent and rewards Smart Devices, Junks and XP. For Junk it requires Railing On Pt. 1, A Rail of One City Pt. 5 and Bring All the Junk to the Yard to be started.

Camera Hat Homer’s Get Chased by Bees is now permanent.

Homer’s Reminisce About His Spy Days can now be done at Auxillary Agency HQ too.
Willie’s Apply for a Fancy Janitor Job, Skinner’s Dream of a Better Life, Smithers’ Get Fries with That Shake, Marge’s Drink to Cope with Ennui, Lenny and Carl’s Order Take Out, and Marge’s Browse the Latest Hammock jobs are now premium.

The Helium-Neon Gas Laser Is Always Greener Pt. 1 now no longer requires The Man Who Knew Too Little Pt. 5 to be started.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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