Pin Pals: All the Update Items and Prices

A LOT of new items have been added to our game in this new update: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the new and returning items!

All characters are playable

image name cost

Fiesta Terrace
Returning Characters

Pin Pal Homer
Pin Pals Pt. 4

Pin Pal Burns
Pin Pals Bundle

Pin Pal Moe
Pin Pals Bundle
Returning Character Skin

Pin Pal Apu
Pinsetter Pt. 2
Pin Pals Bowling Alley Pin Pals Pt. 1
Nick’s Bowling Shop Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle
The Other Nick’s
Bowling Shop
Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle
Fiesta Terrace sidebar_donut150
Buyable after building
Pin Pals Bowling Alley
Returning Buildings
The Gridiron sidebar_donut40
Rebate: sidebar_donut20
Alley Mcballs sidebar_donut50
Rebate: sidebar_donut25
Bowling Alley Pin Pals Pt. 2
After first: sidebar_donut25
Claw Machine Pin Pals Pt. 3
Bowling Trophy Trophy Tax
Perfect Game Balloon The Perfect Game: Apu
The Perfect Game: Burns
The Perfect Game: Homer
The Perfect Game: Moe
Returning Decorations
Sir Love-A-Lot Possible post-event
prize in Claw Machine
Laramie Vending Machine 3.500
Rolling Rock sidebar_donut80
Rebate: sidebar_donut30
Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle
(Nick’s Bowling Shop
and The Other Nick’s
Bowling Shop)
  Pin Pals Bundle
(Pin Pal Burns
and Pin Pal Moe)
Permanent Item’s Rebate
   Shorty’s  sidebar_donut60
Rebate: sidebar_donut30

Barney’s Bowlarama
Rebate: sidebar_donut90

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Pin Pals: All the Update Items and Prices

  1. You don’t have to play the mini event, it doesn’t affect your progression in the game, if you need a break, take one.


  2. I hope that after this event we get a break for a week or so, I am getting fed up with continual events, especially the ones that last for weeks. I have also lost lots of neighbours that I have had for years, presumably they all got fed up too.


    1. Dont count on a break. When EA got rid of the traditional level up, they started the constant events., That is what the loud ppl wanted – if the down time was longer than 48 hrs, they started screaming about being bored and quitting – no one hears the low voice of reason, saying we need breaks to finish up quests and re-designing.

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