Pin Pals Premium Walkthrough: Pin Pal Moe

Working at the bar and bowling is hard to do, but Moe is ready right after the jump for his premium walkthrough!

Tavern-Sitter Pt. 1

Moe starts

Pin Pal Moe: Hey Barney, gimme a hand here, will ya? Set these empties up at the end of the bar.
Barney: Practicing your bowling skills?
Pin Pal Moe: I was just going to huck ’em at rats. But yeah, yours is a better idea.
Pin Pal Moe: I’d practice at the bowling alley, but who knows what scheme you bozos would get up to alone at the bar.
Lenny: Aw, thanks Moe. It means a lot that you think we’re capable of scheming.

Task: Make Pin Pal Moe Practice Bowling at the Bar
Time: 4h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Bar Flies Order Drinks Between Frames [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Tavern-Sitter Pt. 2

Moe starts

Pin Pal Moe: This bar bowling ain’t working! I can’t keep stopping to pick shattered glass out of Barney’s face every five minutes.
Pin Pal Moe: Guess I’m gonna have to ask one of you guys to watch the bar so I can practice?
Carl: Happy to do it. What do we get paid?
Pin Pal Moe: How about I give you all the nickels and dimes I fish out of the urinals? But no quarters!

Task: Make Pin Pal Moe Go Out for a Few Rounds of Bowling
Time: 12h
Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley
If the user has reached Level 24: Task: Reach Level 27 and Build Springfield Buddhist Temple
If the user has reached Level 24: Task: Make Lenny and Carl Watch the Bar
Time: 12h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Requires: Carl

Pin Pal Moe: I’m back. Wait a second… what’s that weird smell?
Carl: It’s the absence of vomit.
Lenny: We scrubbed the floor with that bucket of mop water behind the bar.
Pin Pal Moe: That wasn’t mop water – that was for watering down the booze!

Tavern-Sitter Pt. 3

Moe starts

Pin Pal Moe: Whoever watches the bar has to be more like me: morally flexible but physically brittle, and with a gambling problem.
Snake: Hands up barkeep! Gimme all your cash and no one gets hurt!
Pin Pal Moe: Bingo!
Snake: Bingo? Where? Put all my money on I29!
Pin Pal Moe: Perfect. How about instead of robbing the place, you watch it for a few hours?
Snake: That sounds suspiciously like honest work.
Pin Pal Moe: Trust me, it ain’t.

Task: Make Pin Pal Moe Bowl Aggressively
Time: 4h
If the user has Bowling Lane: Location: Bowling Lane
If the user doesn’t have Bowling Lane: Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley, Bowlarama or Brown House
Task: Make Snake Serve Drinks, Loot the Bar, and Then Bail
Time: 2h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Barney: I can’t believe you let Snake watch the bar over me. He took all your money!
Pin Pal Moe: Better than taking all my beer!

Quest reward: 200 money 20 XP

The Perfect Game quests activate automatically once the skin is unlocked and are an Easter Egg as they don’t show up ingame!

The Perfect Game: Moe

After unlocking Pin Pal Moe

Task: Make Pin Pal Moe Go Bowling
Time: 20h
Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley, Bowlarama or Brown House

System Message: Moe just bowled a perfect game, bringing his grand total of good things that’ve happened to him to one. Here’s a reward to celebrate his achievement!

Quest reward: Perfect Game Balloon

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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