Pin Pals Premium Walkthrough: Pin Pal Burns

With a golden cup in hand, Mr. Burns is ready to boss his workers around, right after the jump in his premium walkthrough!

Pin Power Pt. 1

Mr. Burns starts

Pin Pal Burns: Smithers, I’m afraid I have to go join my fellow Pin Pals in training.
Pin Pal Burns: In my absence, I need you to watch over my precious plant with an iron fist.
Smithers: I bought a sequined glove at the flea market last Saturday. Is that close enough, sir?
Pin Pal Burns: It’ll have to do. Just don’t let those brutes smell fear on you. Or fresh fish.
Smithers: Are we talking about your employees or bears, sir?

Task: Make Pin Pal Burns Go Bowling
Time: 20h
Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley, Bowlarama or Brown House
Task: Reach Level 25 and Build Burns Manor
Task: Make Smithers Rule the Plant With an Iron Fist
Time: 20h
Location: Control Building

Smithers: You there! I’ve got my eye on you!
Carl: Aww, thanks Mr. Smithers, looking out for the little guy.
Smithers: No! I meant that I expect you to do better work!
Lenny: You believe in me? So encouraging – reminds me of my mom!

Pin Power Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts

Pin Pal Burns: What’s going on here, Smithers? I see men smiling, whistling while they work. And is that a glimmer of hope in their eyes?!
Smithers: No sir! It must be radioactive dust in the air.
Smithers: Alright, I admit it – I can’t seem to keep their spirits down! Even my “No Socializing at Work” themed ice cream social was a failure.
Pin Pal Burns: When I get back, I expect to see broken spirits, hollow eyes, and stomachs full for the coming winter hibernation.
Smithers: I think you’re on bears again sir.

Task: Make Pin Pal Burns Bowl With Difficulty
Time: 4h
If the user has Bowling Lane: Location: Bowling Lane
If the user doesn’t have Bowling Lane: Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley, Bowlarama or Brown House
Task: Make Smithers Fret About Burns All Day
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building
Task: Make Plant Workers Enjoy Further Freedom From Oppression
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building

Lenny: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I love my job.
Smithers: Say something like that again and I’m writing you up!
Carl: How refreshing to have a boss who actually listens to what we say. Thanks, Mr. Smithers.

Pin Power Pt. 3

Mr. Burns starts

Smithers: Please forgive me sir, but we just received this letter.
Pin Pal Burns: “Congratulations, you’ve been nominated as one of Springfield’s top employers for providing a safe and friendly work environment…”
Pin Pal Burns: Smithers, this is terrible! All that time spent chaining the emergency exits shut and for what?
Pin Pal Burns: Cover for me at the bowling alley. I expect my plant to be Upton Sinclair-worthy at all times.

Task: Make Smithers Bowl With the Pin Pals
Time: 12h
Location: Control Building
Task: Make Burns Unleash Maximum Oppression on Plant Workers
Time: 12h
Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley

Lenny: *shiver* Does anyone else feel that?
Carl: It’s like the joy is being drained from my body. So tired, so slow…
Mr. Burns: That’s right – crumble beneath my malevolent gaze. And the trace amounts of CO2 I’m pumping in through the vents.
Smithers: It’s good to have you back, sir. I really missed your cruelty and pettiness.
Mr. Burns: Enough of your compliments already!

Quest reward: 200 money 20 XP

The Perfect Game quests activate automatically once the skin is unlocked and are an Easter Egg as they don’t show up ingame!

The Perfect Game: Burns

After unlocking Pin Pal Burns

Task: Make Pin Pal Burns Go Bowling
Time: 20h
Location: Pin Pals Bowling Alley, Bowlarama or Brown House

System Message: By some miracle (specifically, bribes and coercion) Mr. Burns just bowled a perfect game. Here’s a reward to celebrate his great achievement!

Quest reward: Perfect Game Balloon

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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