A preview for the next event is live: Forgotten Anniversary

A new update has just gone live: Forgotten Anniversary. It’s a quick update to what looks like a preview of the next event, as in Homer’s Workbench image in the files there’s a toaster, straight from Treehouse of Horror V. Someone posted on March 23rd this fanmade splash screen you can see below and in our banner now. Can it become a reality? Check back soon when we have more informations on this update and, maybe, the next event! Meanwhile join us soon with all the infos you’ll need on this update!

Note: The update brought no changes in the game other than the new items, so the usual What Changed post won’t be made.


4 thoughts on “A preview for the next event is live: Forgotten Anniversary

  1. This is kind of a dated comment, but I was just watching “And Maggie Makes Three” yesterday and I felt like the Pin Pals event was a missed opportunity to add Al Gumble (Barney’s uncle from Bowlarama) as a playable character.


  2. I bought the the Heavenly Hills mall. My plan was just to buy it to see how large it was and cancel the purchase if I didn’t like. Well, apparently its three different buildings that go straight in to your inventory and you place them where and how you want them. I should have just waited for a post to tell me how much space it takes. Bummer for me but hopefully a warning for you.


  3. It will be a coincidence, but The Family Guy game also has a time travel episode.


    1. There is a three part Heavenly Mall for Marge’s shopping addiction (60 donuts) and the Polo Club is back for 200 donuts.


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