Time Traveling Toaster: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

A new event with time travel has unfolded in front of us! Join us right after the jump for the first part of the walkthrough of the act 1 quest!

Store Update: Prehistoric Jungle and a premium version of the Giant Snake in a Tree are now available in the store, while Dead Tree and Old Faithless are returning!

The Time Traveler’s Wife Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Hey look! There’s a new fat, bald loser in town. What’s your name, you obvious idiot?
Future Homer: I’m you, Homer, from the future! I come with a warning of utmost importance!
Homer: Alright, pal, keep my pants on. What’s the ruckus? And why the orange skin?
Future Homer: Never mind that. You will soon forget your anniversary, but it is imperative that you not travel back in time to fix it.
Homer: Why not just warn me to remember my anniversary?
Future Homer: Yeah, that makes way more sense! Man, I used to be SMART.
Homer: I’ll make an anniversary gift for Marge. That way, it’s free. All it costs is my time, which is completely worthless.

Build Homer’s Workbench

Homer: I will not rest until I’ve made the most amazing, heart-warming gift an anniversary has ever seen.
Homer: Man, planning to make something is hard work.
Homer: I think I’ll take a rest.

It’s About Time Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: *SHRIEK!* I missed my anniversary! I’ve got to travel back in time and remind myself!
Lisa: Isn’t that EXACTLY what Future You said not to do?
Homer: I’ve never liked Future Me. One day there’ll be something about this guy I just didn’t trust back now.
Lisa: I suppose there’s no harm in helping you try something impossible like time travel. I’ve got texts on advanced astrophysics, cosmology–
Bart: OR we could binge watch movies about time travel. “Time-Priest”, “Bad Physicists”, and “Medical Intern Strange” are personal favorites.

Task: Make Homer Marathon Time Travel Movies
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Homer: Hollywood has taught me a valuable lesson: thinking about how time travel works is hard, so let’s just make it up as we go! C’mon, gang!

It’s About Time Pt. 2

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Beware, Homer Simpson! You tamper with the very fabric of spacetime!
Homer: Yeah. So?
Professor Frink: Well… most people would consider that bad. With the PARADOXES and the BUTTERFLY EFFECTS and the OH, NOW I’M MY OWN DAD.
Homer: Shut up and help me find my time traveling toaster. I think it’s packed with the rest of the Halloween junk.
Professor Frink: A time traveling toaster? That’s the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard! Now, my time traveling panini press on the other hand…

Task: Make Homer Travel Back in Time
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

On job start during Act 1:
Homer: I’ve gone back in time millions of years! I can tell I’m still in Springfield, though.
Homer: The dinosaurs here all talk about how they’re going to leave this provincial backwater one day, but you know they never will.

On job start during Act 2:
Homer: Uh-oh. I appear to have overshot my time travel — I’m in Ancient Egypt!
Homer: Which, conveniently and for the purposes of this update, sat in the same location as modern-day Springfield!

On job start during Act 3:
Homer: Water everywhere… a storyline that seems hastily thrown-together and nonsensical… oh no, I’m in Waterworld!!!
Homer: Or, I’ve traveled back to pirate times. Oh please let it be murderous pirates and not Tin Cup with gills…

On job end:
Homer: What gives?! I wanted to go back just to my anniversary, not centuries ago!
Professor Frink: I’ll remember your minor quibble when I’m dancing around, clad only in my Nobel Prize medal.

It’s About Time Pt. 3

Auto starts

Homer: I think I’ll trust my time traveling needs to my faithful old toaster. Here’s your panini press back, Mr. Mad Scientist.
Professor Frink: I am not MAD, I simply– What in glayvin have you done to my invention?!
Homer: Made a gloopy sandwich in it. And for the record, you do sound pretty mad right now.
Lisa: Dad, are you sure you should be meddling with time?
Homer: Probably not. Still gonna, though.

Task: Make Homer Meddle With Time
Time: 6s
Location: Homer’s Workbench

Homer: I collected so much cool stuff in the past, but none of it survived the journey back. What gives, stupid spacetime continuum?
Professor Frink: The only material objects that survive the journey are clothes. Because the alternative is too horrible to consider.

If in act 1:
Lisa: Uh, Dad, I think you forgot to close the time door behind you!

If in act 2:
Homer: What the heck is papyri?
Lisa: It’s the plural of papyrus.
Homer: What the heck is papyrus?! I’m just gonna collect these pieces of paper instead.

Cloudy With a Chance of Sprinkles

Homer starts

Homer: Donuts, falling from the sky? Finally, an ironic outcome of time travel that ISN’T cruel and unusual!
Homer: Kids, tilt your heads up and open your donut holes – it’s raining diabetes!
System Message: Enjoy 15 free donuts and for a limited time, get Golden Scratch-Rs with your donut purchases!

Quest reward: 15 Donuts

Buried in Time Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: Brainstorm — if I take stuff I find in the past and bury it, it’ll be there for me to dig up in the present! Pretty smart, eh, Lisa?
Lisa: Well, no. You’re still changing the past, with unpredictable implications for our current timeline.
Homer: Let’s try that again. Past-bury-now-dig-up-woo-hoo. Pretty smart, eh, Barney?
Barney: REALLY smart, Homer!
Lisa: …

Task: Build the Excavation Site

Task: Unearth a Hidden Gem

Lisa: Moral quandaries aside, I DO love unearthing ancient relics. I feel like Howard Carter discovering King Tut’s tomb!
Homer: Or Steve Martin discovering King Tut’s song!

Quest reward: 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

Buried in Time Pt. 2

Auto starts

Lisa: Groundskeeper Willie, we need more shovels to continue the excavation. Can we borrow some of yours?
Willie: My shovels are nae for digging, lass. These pieces are for my Springfield Shovel Museum. Opening Spring, 2035. Possibly Summer, 2035.
Lisa: Does anyone really want to look at old shovels?
Willie: Many of these shovels are priceless! In the sense they have no price, being utterly worthless.
Lisa: Well, I suppose we could buy some new shovels. As long as we don’t invite in one of those huge national hardware chain stores.

Build Mom & Pop Hardware
Task: Send Excavators to Acquire Shovels [x3]

Lisa: Do you think the name “Mom & Pop Hardware” might be just a tad misleading?
Lindsey Naegle: It better be! Global Dynamics, parent company of M&PH, certainly paid the advertising company enough to come up with it.

Quest reward: 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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