Time Traveling Toaster: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

The story continues as Homer does disasters over disasters! Join us right after the jump for the second part of the walkthrough of the act 1 quest!

It’s About Time Pt. 4

Auto starts

Homer: Hey, Frink, you fixed your panini press! It has sort of a lame “steampunk” vibe now.
Professor Frink: Yes, well, I had a lot of brass gauges sitting around. Purely accidental, of course.
Homer: Then why are you wearing aviator goggles?
Professor Frink: All right, I admit it. I… I still think steampunk is cool. Anyway, I’ve altered the press to collect errant tachyons released by your temporal meddling.
Homer: Ha ha! I’m sorry, but the nerd thinks a briefly-interesting subgenre from decades ago is still cool!

Place the Panini Press

Professor Frink: Schrödinger’s cat! What was that gigantic explosion?
Homer: Your stupid sandwich machine keeps breaking every time a sandwich gets made on it.
Professor Frink: It’s not for cooking on you imbecile!
Lisa: Look! The tachyon emission blasted everyone back to their rightful time period.
Homer: Once again, I have, through stupendous carelessness, solved all the problems I created with my inconceivable incompetence. You. Are. Welcome.

Quest reward: 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

Chaos Theory

Auto starts

Quimby: You’ve done it this time, you time-garbling nitwits! That blast just flooded every other Springfield with unwelcome visitors!
Homer: Zombies!
Quimby: Zombies aren’t real.
Homer: Neither is time travel, yet here we are.
Quimby: You made this mess, you can tap your way out of it.

Task: Tap Time Invaders in a Friend’s Town [x3]

Homer: Ahhhh, I’m a great neighbor…
Ned: Homer, if you must dump your trash in my yard, well, okay. But do you have to go to the trouble of carrying it to my front door?
Homer: …such a great neighbor…

Quest reward: 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

It’s About Time Pt. 5

Auto starts

Hollis Hurlbut: Homer, perhaps you would consider donating these ancient artifacts to found a Springsonian History Museum?
Homer: Hmmm… there’s a lot of money in the museum game…
Hollis Hurlbut: Well, no. It would be purely non-profit.
Homer: Hmmm… there’s a lot of money in the non-profit game…
Hollis Hurlbut: No. There’s none.
Homer: Hmmm… there’s a lot in none…

Build the Springsonian Museum

Wise Guy: Hey pally, those are some nice specimens. I could “disappear” a few things from the ol’ exhibits here. We could make some good “money”.
Homer: Isn’t that stealing?
Wise Guy: It ain’t “stealing” so long as you use air quotes.
Homer: Oh, right. I “understand”.

Quest reward: 500 Specimens and 10 XP

It’s About Time Pt. 6

Auto starts

Homer: Marge, I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary. But this time I’ve got a solid excuse, involving time travel.
Marge: Do I know you, sir?
Artie Ziff: I’m Artie Ziff! And I would like to know what you are saying to this woman, Mrs. Artie Ziff!
Homer: Oh, no! I’ve messed up the spacetime continuum, and now Marge is married to Artie Ziff!
Artie Ziff: “Spacetime continuum”? I think you mean the “when-where thingamabob”, which is what we call it in THIS thingamabob, thank you very much.

Task: Make Homer Check if He’s Disappeared From Photos
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Lisa: Dad? What are you doing home at this hour?
Bart: Yeah, you don’t get off work at the donut factory until seven.
Homer: Okay, I may have lost Marge, but at least I still have my kids and what sounds like a way better job. But wait — who’s your mother?
Amber Simpson: Hello, my tubby hubby!
Homer: Augh! Vegas Marge!

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 20 XP

Land of the Lard Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: What could I possibly have done to make Marge fall for a billionaire like Artie, instead of a worthless drunk like me?
Lisa: I’m assuming that in your timeline, the Lisa that’s your daughter warned you not to alter the past.
Homer: That’s why I love you, Lisa. In any universe, you’re a shameless nag.
Lisa: Two things: first, Other Me told you so. Nah-nah-nah. And second, whatever tiny change you made to history, there has to be a way to undo it.
Homer: Then I won’t quit until I’ve set things aright. Or enough time has passed that I don’t seem like too bad a guy for giving up!

Task: Make Homer Unchange the Future
Time: 4h
Location: Homer’s Workbench

On job start:
Homer: I’ve located the caveman most likely to be Artie’s ancestor. But how to be sure…?
Artie Ziff: I’m Caveman Ziff!
Homer: Now all I gotta do is figure out how to stop him from ever having offspring, and modern-day Artie just disappears!
Homer: This is the nicest form of murder I’ve ever come up with. What a good guy I am!

On job end:
Homer: Hey, Caveman Ziff! Where are all the other men? How come you stay at the cave all day, alone with the women?
Artie Ziff: Well, those troglodytes consider me a shameful weakling, unfit to join the clan’s hunting party.
Artie Ziff: So I am left here… all day… alone with their wives… When you’re the only available man, it hardly matters HOW pitiable you are.
Homer: Your very pathetic-ness is your greatest strength. Fascinating!
Artie Ziff: Thank you!

Quest reward: 850 Event Currency and 20 XP

Land of the Lard Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: I need to show the cave ladies Artie is too big a coward to mate with. No matter HOW desperate they are. Bart, I need firecrackers.
Bart: I don’t have any firecrackers.
Homer: You’re not in trouble, I will pay you. Please, tell me or else, and I love you.
Bart: All good reasons. Second drawer.

Task: Make Homer Set Off Firecrackers
Time: 4h
Location: Homer’s Workbench

On job start:
Homer: Look! Look, Neander-babes! See how Caveman Ziff cowers from the fiery explosions!

On job end:
Artie Ziff: Behold, ladies! I have created fire! Tremble at my extreme desirability!
Homer: D’oh!

Quest reward: 850 Event Currency and 20 XP

Land of the Lard Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: Lisa, if you needed to outsmart a primitive cave-person raised in an environment of complete ignorance, what would YOU do?
Lisa: You’re smarter than a caveman. You’ve just got to be.
Homer: I know! I’ll crush him with a rock!
Lisa: I take that back.
Homer: I suppose I could get him drunk. Expose him to our modern, high-tech alcohols. Let him make a fool of himself.
Lisa: How needlessly complex. Give it a shot!

Task: Make Homer Leave a Keg for Caveman Artie
Time: 4h
Location: Homer’s Workbench

Homer: Hey, idiot! You’re supposed to DRINK from the keg, not roll it around!
Artie Ziff: Behold, women! Caveman Ziff has another amazing invention. First, fire. Now, the wheel! Swoon at my greatness!
Homer: At this rate, I’ll return to a world populated entirely by Artie Ziffs.

Quest reward: 850 Event Currency and 20 XP

Land of the Lard Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: You know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, and at second you suck even worse, go back to the first idea you had, but do it bigger.
Homer: Hey, Professor! What’s the biggest explosion you can whip up in ten minutes or less?
Professor Frink: What’s the rush? You DO have access to a time machine. Glayvin.
Homer: I don’t see your point. Chop chop!
Professor Frink: All righty. I WAS going to provide you with a small nuclear device, but owing to your profound and obvious imbecility, just take this rocket.
Professor Frink: Now leave me alone. Have fun destroying something.

Task: Make Homer Fire a Rocket
Time: 4h
Location: Homer’s Workbench

On job start:
Homer: Behold, Cave honeys! Caveman Ziff, a very ugly and puny man, has meddled with the forces of nature, and now the gods are pissed!
Homer: Let’s see… how do you set this rocket off…?
Homer: …
Homer: Uh, oh.

On job end:
Homer: So, good news: I don’t think Caveman Ziff is too popular with the ladies anymore. Bad news: we now know what wiped out the wooly mammoths.
Homer: And that all the saber-toothed tigers were crushed beneath falling wooly mammoths.
System Message: The story will continue in Act 2. Keep collecting Fossils and Hidden Gems to get more prizes!

Quest reward: 2.050 Event Currency and 20 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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