Time Traveling Toaster and Donut Day 2017: All the Event Returning Items and Prices

Medieval, Far West, Pirates, Stonecutters. Many eras awaits us in this new event, and many returning items too. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the returning items of the event!

Store update: A new item has been added, Acid Pools, while a premium version of Giant Mushroom was introduced and Giant Grasshopper and Luminescent Flowers are now back in the store!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs.
Two-nicorn is a NPC but unlocks Furious D’s 16h job “Admire Twonicorn”.

image name cost
Premium Characters
Groundskeeper Seamus
 Notre Dame of

Medieval Mystery Box

Mayan God
Mayan Calendar

Luke Stetson
 Hootenanny Barn

Buck McCoy
 Wild West Film Set
Gravedigger Billy
 Cemetery Plot

 Curvaceous Caves

Slave Labor Willie
 Manual Power Generator
Premium Skins

Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight Throne
Wes Doobner
 Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts

Mayan Marge

Queen Helvetica
 The Castle of Equalia
Premium Buildings
 Notre Dame of Springfield  Medieval Mystery Box
   The Castle of Equalia  Medieval Mystery Box
 Freak Show Tent  Medieval Mystery Box
 Hootenanny Barn Time Capsule Mystery Box
 Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts  Time Capsule Mystery Box
Wild West Film Set  Time Capsule Mystery Box
 Sneed’s Feed & Seed  Time Capsule Mystery Box
 Catacombs  Ruin Bundle
Event Decorations
   Homer’s Workbench  The Time Traveler’s Wife Pt. 2
Cactus Rock  200
 Exotic Tree  200
 Wooden Barrel  250
   Dead Tree  270
 Luminescent Flowers  400
 Hieroglyph Wall  500
 Frontier Gate  500
 Pyre  800
   Medieval Tent  1.250
   Manual Power Generator  2.000
 Small Iceberg  85.000
Premium Decorations
 blue and biege
Medieval Banner
blue and green
Medieval Banner
Sacred Parchment  15
 Medium Iceberg  15
 Large Iceberg  25
 Wooly Mammoth Pen  30
   Giant Grasshopper  35
 Old Faithless  40
 Hot Springs  45
 Chest of Sacred Artifacts  55
 Improvised Snare  60
 Shipwreck  Pirate Bundle
 Stock  Pirate Bundle
 Stack of Beer  Pirate Bundle
 Explosives  Pirate Bundle
Shadow Knight Throne 200
 Barbarian Statue  Medieval Mystery Box
   Catapult  Medieval Mystery Box
   Frink’s Mechano Spider Time Capsule Mystery Box
   Old Mine Time Capsule Mystery Box
 Ruins Ruin Bundle
 Brazier Ruin Bundle
Note: If stored, once brought
back out, it spawns infinite
from storage.
 Mayan Calendar  70
 Treasure Chest  85
 Cemetery Plot  100
 Pagan Bonfire  170
Rebate: 50
   Murderhorn  250
Rebate: 125
Ghost Pirate Airship  250
Rebate: 75
Premium Consumables

Medieval Mystery Box
Time Capsule
Mystery Box
Premium Bundles
Pirate Bundle  60
 Ruin Bundle  90
Donut Day 2017 Premium Building
Donut Store  100
Rebate: 30
Donut Day 2017 Premium Decorations
 Donut Truck  40
Rebate: 10

Donut Boat
Rebate: 50
 Donut Flag  5
Rebate: 1

Bundles content:

Pirate Bundle: Shipwreck, Stock, Stack of Beer and Explosives x2

Ruin Bundle: Catacombs, Ruins x2 and Brazier x20

Mystery Boxes possible content:

Medieval Mystery Box: Shadow Knight Throne w/Shadow Knight, Two-nicorn, Castle of Equalia w/Queen Helvetica, Notre Dame of Springfield w/Groundskeeper Seamus, Barbarian Statue, Catapult, Freak Show Tent

Time Capsule Mystery Box: Frink’s Mechano Spider, Hootenanny Barn w/Luke Stetson, Wild West Film Set w/Buck McCoy, Mount Carlmore, Sneed’s Feed & Seed, Old Mine, Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts w/Wes Doobner

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Time Traveling Toaster and Donut Day 2017: All the Event Returning Items and Prices

  1. Is Shadow Knight Throne supposed to be listed in the Medieval Mystery Box?


  2. Two-nicorn will be playable? I thought he was NPC.


    1. Well he is an npc but also kinda playable. He has a job with furious d if you have fd. Thats what confused me there. Sorry


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