Road to Riches: How it works

The Road to Riches has arrived with a new mechanic, to introduce new aspirationals. Join us right after the jump to see what Cecil brought us this time!

This new update, included in the Time Traveling Toasters event, added some new items, plus a returning character: Cecil. After building one of the aspirationals (Cubic Zirconia, The Sunsphere, Sit-N-Rotate, Krusty Burger Oil Rig, Escalator to Nowhere, Popsicle Stick Skyscraper or Fortress of Choclitude) and having at least $2 milions in the bank, the quest will start.

Let Bygones Be Gone

Auto starts

Cecil Terwilliger: Fair Springfield, I’ve done you wrong in the past; but I hope you’ll forgive a young Terwilliger his foolishness.
Cecil Terwilliger: Allow me another shot at adding to the beauty of your humble burg.
Bart: Get lost Sideshow, Jr.
Bart: Last time you left the place in shambles.
Cecil Terwilliger: Thus driving down home prices! A positive boon for any young couple searching for their starter home.

Task: Unlock Cecil

After unlocking Cecil, if not already unlocked in the Terwilligers event, the constructions start.

Springfield Dam

Auto starts

Cecil Terwilliger: Citizens of Springfield, I have decided to right my previous wrong by completing the promised hydroelectric dam.
Cecil Terwilliger: I will make Springfield the greenest city in all of the lower forty-eight!
Mr. Burns: We tried this “green” madness once before. And were nearly destroyed by that visionary super-genius Elon Musk!
Mr. Burns: You sound just like him! Minus the near-indecipherable accent, of course.

Task: Invest $20,000,000

After spending $20 milions, the Springfield Dam will be awarded, before starting the second constructions, the Mansion Gardens.

Mansion Gardens

Auto starts

Cecil Terwilliger: A responsible society must from time to time embrace the redistribution of wealth.
Cecil Terwilliger: Come on ninety-nine percent. Time to give, give, give to your betters!

Task: Invest $40,000,000

After spending $40 milions, the Gardens are built and placed in your inventory, ready to build a place from The Simpsons Movie: Rock and a Hard Place.

Rock and a Hard Place

Auto starts

Cecil Terwilliger: The outcry was negative on my last project, now I build for ALL the people.
Cecil Terwilliger: And I’ll leave it up to the populace to decide the direction of my next project.
Bart: Blow up Springfield Elementary!
Otto: An arena! Where Deep Purple is forced to perform day and night for the rest of their natural lives!
Barney: So long as it has a bar, with free liquor and a strict no-AA Sponsors allowed policy, we’re good!
Cletus: And make Shelbyville pay for it!
System Message: Just a note, we can’t make Shelbyville pay for it.

Task: Invest $80,000,000

After spending $80 milions, it’ll be built, and a new quest for Homer starts, unlocking a new 8 hours job for him to Experience Irony, showing the animation from the movie.

Rock and a Hard Place Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Make Homer Experience Irony
Time: 8h
Location: Rock and a Hard Place

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


30 thoughts on “Road to Riches: How it works

  1. Working on Rock and a Hard Place. Originally, I had a choice of 3 payments for Cecil, but now I only have the 1m. Option, no 5m. Or 10m. I have over 10m. In game currency and have invested about 35-40m so far. What do you need to get the other options back? Or am I stuck with sending Ceicil multiple times on 1m?


    • The quest will not start unless you have:
      1. At least One Aspirational item
      2. 2 million money
      Do you meet these requirements? If not buy an Aspirational and save up 2 millions.
      Be prepared to blown away of how expensive it will be. To get the Rock and a Hard place you need to spend 140 millions

      Liked by 1 person

        • Popsicle tower, Escalator to Nowhere, worlds largest zirconia, magnyfier glass, Sit n rotate, fortress of choclitute, Krusty oil rig
          I might have missed some.
          Not sure if the Money Mountain/Redwood (completed) counts

          Liked by 1 person

            • They are called Aspirationals, as they are something to aspire to. High cost items that can not be bought on a whim – for most new players. So it is something you need to save and aspire.
              it will cost 140 millions, so yes, it is permanent


      • I have all the requirements and have been sending Cecil on the jobs and just thought something would end up happening, so I’ve lost a lot of money! I’m not sure what to do about it, any ideas? I’m not new or anything, I’m on level 121.


      • I got my Cecil, but was unable to play the Road to Riches for a long time. Then I bought the Worlds largest Cubic Zarcon (for Molloy) and that was what kicked off my Road to Riches access. I didn’t know what it was that granted me the access until I read this thread just now. Before that I just thought I had missed out on a special event or something.


  2. EA could use the Road To Riches feature to release these 2 item’s.

    The Giant Toilet.

    The EA Tower.

    I don’t have my hope’s up, I’m just saying it’s a possibility.


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