Time Traveling Toaster: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough Part 1

Prizes straight from the prehistoric era has arrived in the first act of the event. A statue, a weird fish, a dinosaur and more awaits you right after the jump in the first part of the Act 1 prizes walkthrough!

Place Mammoth Statue

Auto starts

Bart: Look, Stampy — it’s your great-great-great grandfather.
Bart: Okay, okay, you’re a different species. Thanks for the biology lesson. I was just making conversation.

Place Pterodactyl Nest

Auto starts

Homer: Mmmm… pterodactyl omelet…
Lisa: You are NOT raiding a dinosaur nest for eggs.
Homer: What? I thought you were all about locally-sourced food!

Task: Place Pterodactyl Nest

Darwin Fish

Lisa starts

Lisa: Look at this! A transitional species! Further proof that evolution is real!
Ned: OR, a clever ruse concocted by the great Intelligent Designer upstairs, to test our faith in his Divine Creation!
Lisa: Gets harder and harder to cling to that line of reasoning all the time, don’t it, chief?
Ned: You have no idea!

Task: Tap Darwin Fish

Place Dinosaur Lake

Auto starts

Homer: Look, it’s Nessie!
Lisa: Dad, that’s a brontosaurus: a genus of the sauropoda. And don’t say “mmm… brontosaurus burgers…”
Homer: I wasn’t even gonna!

Bonus Treasure

Auto starts

Task: Collect Fossils [x8250]

Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Place Cave Drawing

Auto starts

Lisa: This ancient cave drawing is amazing!
Homer: Pfft! Even in the Stone Age, stupid hipsters couldn’t resist taking pictures of their food.

Task: Place Cave Drawing

Baby T-Rex

Homer starts

Homer: Don’t move. It can’t see us if we don’t move.
Lisa: Actually, that stupid plot device from “Jurassic Park” has been discredited. T-Rex had excellent visual acuity.
Homer: Great. And now that you’ve said it out loud, T-Rex knows it can see us!
Lisa: It doesn’t understand English, dad.
Homer: Well, maybe THAT’S been discredited. Maybe T-Rex had excellent English acuity. Ever think of that?
Lisa: …

Task: Tap Baby T-Rex

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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