Time Traveling Toaster: Crafting and Secondary Walkthrough

More and more decorations and characters have joined us, even through crafting and returning items. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of their short questlines!

Place Tar Field

Auto starts

The Rich Texan: Yeehaw! We struck oil! Texas tea! Black gold!
Lisa: Actually, it’s… never mind. If it’ll keep you from fracking, then go for it.

Homer Lizard

Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, this lizard looks suspiciously like you.
Homer: I may have sneezed on an iguana while I was back there.

Task: Tap Homer Lizard

Frog Day Afternoon

Marge starts

Marge: Ooh! I didn’t realize the Egyptians had such lovely cabanas!
Lisa: “Cabana” isn’t exactly the right– you know what? Enjoy it.
Marge: I don’t see any beach towels in there. I guess no one reserved it for the day.
Lisa: Just stop talking, Mom. I don’t know how much longer I can go without correcting you.

Task: Make Marge Relax in the Pharaoh Tent
Time: 1h
Location: Pharaoh Tent

Marge: It’s full of frogs! What kind of a crazy beach club is this?
Lisa: Sorry. Couldn’t hold out any longer.

Place Bart Sphinx

Auto starts

Bart: I deserve this.
Milhouse: This and so much more, Bart. This and so much more.

Place Siren Masthead

Auto starts

Lisa: Why is it that mastheads were so often scantily-clad women?
Homer: It’s too hot at sea for heavy clothing, sweetheart. You want the sexy lady to be comfortable, right?
Lisa: …
Homer: I lie because I love.

Place Mermaid Petting Zoo

Auto starts

Marge: Look, Maggie: a mermaid petting zoo.
Sea Captain: Treacherous creatures, they be. Beautiful, to be sure. But they’ll lure you to your death upon the rocks. And feast upon your salty corpse.
Marge: On second thought, let’s walk far away from the nice nautical man.

Note: With the following items, you can place your already own ones by storing it and placing it back.

Ice Age

After completing Land of the Lard Pt. 4 and the user logs in on May 30th
Auto starts

Hollis Hurlbut: We’re pulling all sorts of incredible things from out of our past.
Hollis Hurlbut: Why don’t you go get me the coolest thing you can find!

Task: Place a Small Iceberg

A Mammoth Ranch

After completing Land of the Lard Pt. 4 and the user logs in on June 5th
Bart starts

Hollis Hurlbut: There are some truly mammoth looking animals in the past.
Hollis Hurlbut: Now let’s see if we can eat them. Go get a gate to pen them in!

Task: Place a Frontier Gate

Medieval Camping Trip

After completing Land of the Lard Pt. 4 and the user logs in on June 14th
Bart starts

Hollis Hurlbut: Let’s head back to the crusades and get some of those awesome war tents! It’s camping season!
Hollis Hurlbut: Wait a minute! The guillotine was invented in the 18th century! How did the Middle Ages get them?
Bart: Oh sure, every screw up in the spacetime continuum is my fault! Just because I’m the guy with the time machine!

Task: Place a Medieval Tent

Mayan Botany

After completing Walk Like an Egyptian Pt. 5 and the user logs in on June 17th
Bart starts

Hollis Hurlbut: Interesting culture those Mayans! Really open to trade away some interesting trees, and they accept Springfield dollars!
Bart: They barter in jokes too! I gave them a really funny apocalypse idea.

Task: Place an Exotic Tree

Come on Baby Light My Pyre

After completing Walk Like an Egyptian Pt. 5 and Love in a Time of Scurvy Pt. 4 and the user logs in on June 19th
Bart starts

Bart: I would literally KILL to get out of tomorrow’s math test.
Mayan God: Now you’re speaking my language, kid!

Task: Place a Pyre

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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