Time Traveling Toaster: New and returning items in the store!

A new item has been added to the store, the Chariot, while Exotic Tree, Mayan Marge and Mayan Calendar w/Mayan God have returned to the store!


9 thoughts on “Time Traveling Toaster: New and returning items in the store!

  1. what about mayan marge’s outdoor tasks if I don’t buy the calendar? thanks


    1. you can’t use it. neither if you don’t have Mayan Homer for the 8h task


  2. Hi, any idea how to start Mayan Marge’s questline. It do not starts


  3. Will the Maya God become a fully playable character? He is roaming my Springfield since 2012.
    We had to puzzle the Mayan Calender and there was one piece too much!


    1. no it won’t after 5 years i doubt it


        1. I bought Mayan Marge but her four hour and eight hour tasks are locked waiting for her quest to unlock them. But they will not start. I don’t have Mayan Homer, is he required to start her quest? I hope not since he is not available in the store.


          1. he’s required as is the calendar…


            1. Ugh, that is annoying. Why make Mayan Marge available and not Mayan Homer? Ticked off that I spent 90 on Marge and 50 for the calendar only for most of her tasks to be locked.


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