Time Traveling Toaster: Act 3 starts!

Act 3 is now live! With it, comes in the event more items for you: Pirate Prison, Ghost Pirate Airship w/Blackbeard, Blackbeard, Certified Time Traveler Card (30 Donuts). The following items are also returning: Treasure Chest, Manual Power Generator w/Slave Labor Willie, Wooden Barrel, Chest of Sacred Artifacts, Small Island 2 (in event store), Big T Tree rebate, Pirate Bundle (Shipwreck, Stock, Stack of Beer and Explosives x2). And the last 24 hours for Exotic Tree, Mayan Marge and Mayan Calendar w/Mayan God are here!


8 thoughts on “Time Traveling Toaster: Act 3 starts!

  1. Jimmy Necessary 06/23/2017 — 18:04

    What level is required in order to get the Big T Tree and its rebate? I’m at level 50 in the game, but the Big T Tree is not appearing in the store, and I had read that, at least for this event until June 30th, at least level 49 is required for the Big T Tree. Was what I had read a type error or what? Somebody please clear this up for me.


    1. You need to start the level questline too to get it


      1. Jimmy Necessary 06/23/2017 — 18:32

        What is the required level questline?


        1. Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 1
          level 59


  2. Dieter von Dusseldorf 06/23/2017 — 13:24



  3. Is Blackbeard a full charter


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