4th of July 2017: All Update Items and Prices

4th of July is back with many returning items and 2 new items! Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items!

The following list contains all the new items from this update!

Red characters are playable, Blue is NPC.

image name cost
Premium Character

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eisenhower’s 4×4
Premium Returning Characters
unlock_georgewashington George_Washington_Unlock
George Washington
Ye Olde Cherry Tree
unlock_abrahamlincoln Abraham_Lincoln_Unlock
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Cabin
unlock_rexbanner Rex_Banner_Unlock
Rex Banner
Nighthawk Diner
unlock_richardnixon Richard Nixon Unlock
Richard Nixon
Scandal-gate Hotel
unlock_freedom Tapped_Out_Unlock_Freedom
4th of July Mystery Box
Presidential Estate
unlock_teddyroosevelt Teddy Roosvelt Unlock
Teddy Roosevelt
National Park

Laird Ladd
Retro Lard Lad

Premium Returning Character Skins
unlock_apu_allamerican Tapped_Out_All-American_Apu_New_Character
All-American Apu

Sailor Kumiko
Premium Returning Buildings
Lincolcns Cabin Lincoln’s Cabin 4th of July Mystery Box
Scandal-gate Hotel Scandal-gate Hotel 4th of July Mystery Box
Presidential Estate Presidentail Estate 4th of July Mystery Box
Nighthawk Diner Nighthawk Diner sidebar_donut90
Republican Party HQ sidebar_donut90
Retro Lard Lad sidebar_donut120
Americatown Americatown and Sailor
Kumiko bundle
Premium Decoration
Eisenhower’s 4×4 sidebar_donut150
Rewards 1,395
Returning Decorations
American Flag American Flag cash5.600
Patriotic Box of Fireworks Patriotic Box of Fireworks cash5.600
Liberty Bell Liberty Bell cash50.000
lincolnmemorial_menu Lincoln’s Memorial cash100.000
Premium Returning Decorations
Pinwheel Pinwheel Firework sidebar_donut40
Box Of Fireworks Box of Fireworks sidebar_donut60
Cherry Tree Ye Olde Cherry Tree 4th of July Mystery Box
springfieldnationalpark_menu Springfield National Park 4th of July Mystery Box
Lisa Statue of Liberty Lisa Statue of
Fireworks Barge Fireworks Barge sidebar_donut80
Premium Consumable

4th of July Mystery Box
Premium Bundles
America Town and
Sailor Kumiko 2
4th of July Mystery Box
America Town and
Sailor Kumiko 1
4th of July Mystery Box

Bundles content:

America Town and Sailor Kumiko 1: Americatown, Kumiko and Sailor Kumiko

America Town and Sailor Kumiko 2: Americatown and Sailor Kumiko

Mystery Box possible content:

4th of July Mystery Box: Presidential Estate w/Freedom, Americatown w/Kumiko and Sailor Kumiko, Americatown w/Sailor Kumiko, Republican Party HQ, Retro Lard Lad w/Laird Lad, Freedom, Springfield National Park w/Teddy Roosevelt, Scandalgate Hotel w/Richard Nixon, Ye Olde Cherry Tree w/George Washington and Lincoln’s Cabin w/Abraham Lincoln

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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