Time Traveling Toaster Act 3 Premium Walkthrough: Blackbeard

The final act brings us pirates, and Blackbeard is one of the most famous, and he’s now in our game. Join us right after the jump for his premium walkthrough!

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 1

Blackbeard starts

Blackbeard: ARRRR! I be Blackbeard, scourge of the Seven Seas! Gaze upon me and tremble, ye landlubbers!
Milhouse: Cool! A fun pirate!
Blackbeard: Fun?! Yer not scared of the vile murderer Edward Teach?
Milhouse: Not at all! Pirates are awesome, even if some people say they’re for babies.
Milhouse: It’s not like you’re the GHOST of Blackbeard or anything. Wait, are you?
Blackbeard: Uh… sure thing. If that’s what scares ye, that’s what I be. Boo!

Task: Make Blackbeard Seek His Treasure
Time: 4h
Location: Ghost Pirate Airship
Task: Make Milhouse Run in Fear
Time: 4h
Location: Van Houten House

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 2

Blackbeard starts

Blackbeard: Me treasure is dug up! How was I to know that Miami Beach would prove a less-than-ideal hiding spot?
Blackbeard: I’m penniless, ship-less, no one’s afraid of me, and I don’t even have a crew.
Bart: Maybe I can join his vile pirate crew! Can I, Ma? Can I?
Marge: That sounds so cute! Let me get a picture of you with the funny “pirate”.
Blackbeard: Look, lady. I murder people. All the time. Over a few gold pieces. I’m not proud of it, but there you go.
Marge: Ooh! Him a SCARY pirate, isn’t him?
Blackbeard: …

Task: Make Bart Apply to Be a Pirate
Time: 4h
Location: Ghost Pirate Airship
Task: Make Blackbeard Accept Applications
Time: 4h
Location: Ghost Pirate Airship

Blackbeard: If all the lads here are like this “Bart” fellow, it’s going to be one pathetic crew.
Blackbeard: He made me promise him chocolate milk at every meal and one hour a day of something called “screen time”.

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 3

Blackbeard starts

Blackbeard: Without me terrifying reputation, I’m nothing! But how can I make people fear me without a ship or crew?
Herman: The right firearm might bring your swagger back, my friend.
Blackbeard: Arr! You be missing a limb! I like that. Three really is the ideal number of appendages for a fellow.
Herman: Step into my store…

Task: Make Blackbeard Check Out Wares
Time: 4h
Location: Herman’s Military Antiques
Task: Make Herman Display Arms
Time: 4h
Location: Herman’s Military Antiques

Blackbeard: Good God! I be one of history’s bloodiest pirates, and even I be horrified by the cannons these people carry around.
Blackbeard: What kind of lunatic needs a semi-automatic rifle? No wonder these trigger-happy madmen aren’t scared of ol’ Blackbeard!

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 4

Blackbeard starts

Blackbeard: No one here understands me. I be obsolete. A dinosaurrrrrrrr.
Sea Captain: I like the cut of your “arrrrrrrrrrrs”, stranger.
Blackbeard: Do me ears deceive me? Be you a fellow pirate?
Sea Captain: No. But for some reason, I talk like one. Point is, matey, you arrrrrre not alone.
Blackbeard: Take me to sea, or lose me forever!
Sea Captain: Step right this way. Me ship awaits!

Task: Make Sea Captain Join the Crew
Time: 4h
Location: Ghost Pirate Airship
Task: Make Blackbeard Pour Mugs O’ Rum
Time: 4h
Location: Ghost Pirate Airship
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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