Pride 2017 and Time Traveling Toaster Takedown update is live!

The takedown update has hit the store, and includes the Pride 2017 update! It requires Level 20. The update ends on July 18th at 8am BST. The Time Traveler’s Bundle ends on July 9th at 8am BST. Join us later for all the infos you’ll need on this new update!
In this update the new items are: Dilophosaurus, Pharaoh Guard, Plague Rats, Julio, Grady, Smithers skin Rollerskate Smithers, Village Apartments, Armistead’s Mopeds, One Night Stan’s, Hairy Shearers, Sconewall Bakery, The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen, Moe’s Tavern skin Mo’s, Rainbow Ballons, Pride Hydrants and Pride Crosswalks.

A new store description teaser was also added:
Dinosaurs, sphinxes and pirates… Oh my! History’s back to being old news and time travel is once again left to eccentric inventors and sci-fi writers. With the past put back in its proper place (minus a dinosaur or two), what’s next for Springfield? A summer time sing-off? A gathering of prideful pontificators? Or just a few weeks of vacation for the Tapped Out employees… Oh, definitely not that.
Stay tuned for more characters, buildings and stories coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Pride 2017 and Time Traveling Toaster Takedown update is live!

  1. Thankfully the usual update delay and the extra few hours enabled me to get the final prize. Close one this time around.


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