What Changed With the Pride 2017 and Time Traveling Toaster Takedown Server Update? (July 12th)

A server update was released 3 days ago, with bad news for bonus donuts harvesters.

It’s no longer possible to obtain more than 1,000 Donuts at a time in a single sync of the game, limiting the harvest of bonus donuts from Kwik-E-Mart, Bloodmobiles, etc. farming.
It has been reported on EA Forum in this days and we’ve no clue on EA’s intentions on this update if it’s a glitch or it’s their way to limit farming permanently. We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding this in the following days.


11 thoughts on “What Changed With the Pride 2017 and Time Traveling Toaster Takedown Server Update? (July 12th)

  1. What do you mean by “a single sync of the game”.


    1. going to krustyland/friend screen and back


      1. Oh, got you.

        That doesn’t really seem like a big deal. I can’t imagine this affects more than a tiny percentage players.

        (I donut farm but I do it day by day, and even earning about $3.5m and having a 500% bonus I only hit 60ish a day!)


  2. I don’t understand what you mean by farming and getting bonus doughnuts, when have we gotten doughnuts from blood mobiles??? I’m confused!


    1. buying/selling/buying/selling, get the XP, using the super collider, profit


  3. A thousand donuts? Jeeeeez! That won’t affect me at all. I use my bonus donuts to buy nearly every thing they put out for donuts but I never get close to 1,000!


  4. u guys get more then 1000 donuts at a time harvesting? i must be doing it wrong i get like 20 every 4 hours doing kem farming


    1. You need a gazillion of game cash and a BIG bonus percentage to achieve this. Long time players have both!


  5. Maybe it’s a signal to the end of TSTO?


    1. As long as The Simpsons show is running there will be TSTO.
      The show ain’t over until the fat lady sings šŸŽµšŸŽ¶

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