Superheroes Return is live!

A new mini update has just started as Superhero Returns is live! Join us later for all the details on this new update!


6 thoughts on “Superheroes Return is live!

  1. Am I the only one getting sick of superhero updates? Revisit this after a few more “newer” events maybe… and they need to bring back Duff Land! I wanted to build it and then it disappeared from the store early and never came back 🙁


  2. Im totaly fine with having this task. Its fun. I love superheroes and didnt play when it first came around. I was able to win Fruit Batman through the box and hope to get Bartman soon. Also as a gay guy i liled having pride, just a little disappointed it was small and didnt get to earn alot.


  3. Down hill ,not down time… I’ve been playing this game for almost 5 years !! I’m always ready for a new quest ! 🤓 The 3 act quest(s) are ok but I think EA needs to take a new direction. 🤔
    We don’t need the wheel(s) of (mis) fortune though, that was a disaster!! 😳
    I am a premium player, so I already own 99.9 % of the items.😎
    People don’t need to player every quest , they can take a break (chosen break) 😬


  4. A recycled quest !!! All down hill from here…. 😳


    1. Down hill? People asked for downtime after 42 days of event now we got pride and this for downtime. Then new event or something big anyway for august. I am ok with smaller stuff in august tbh


      1. Same! I need time to figure out where to put all these new buildings and decorations. Not to mention work up some bonuts 😃


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