What Changed With the Superheroes Return Update? (July 19th)

A new update was just released, adding new and returning items from Superheroes! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

Springfield Penitentiary now requires Level 5 instead of Level 19 for the duration of the update.

A new character group was added, Villains: Mr. Burns, Snake, Hank Scorpio, The Rich Texan and Lucille Botzcowski.

A new character group was added, Super Villains: The Fracker, Charcoal Briquette, Old King Coal, Dr. Crab, Dr. Colossus and Petroleus Rex.

Crap Silo and Tar Pits were added to the Houses inventory group.

Dr. Colossus’ Mope job was removed.

Bindle There, Done That Pt. 1’s dialogue was changed to:

Homer: I mean, jeez, who are you? If you’re here, who’s left to return to Springfield? Señor Ding Dong?
Señor Ding Dong: You rang, mis amigos?

Acid Here Waiting For You’s System Message “Need a better place for Milhouse to sulk? Get his trailer in the store now!” was removed.

Building Dr. Lenny’s Lab now yields 80 XP.

Dr. Lenny’s Lab quest’s objective is now “Make Mr. Burns Enjoy Dr. Lenny’s Evil Lab”.

Cyborg Snake now requires Snake.

Arms Excalation now longer requires Level 19.

Dr. Colossus and Death Mountain now requires both items not owned.

Placing Hero Clothesline (freemium) now yields 20 XP.

Placing Zenith City Billboard (freemium) now yields 10 XP.

Premium versions of Spooky Cabin, Zenith City Billboard and Hero Clothesline with Bonus $ and XP were added.

Placing X-Ray Machine (freemium) now yields 30 XP.

Placing X-Ray Truck now yields 50 XP and has a 2.25% Bonus $ and XP.

Pie Man Epic Statue now yields 30 XP and has a 0.75% Bonus $ and XP.

Cyborg Snake and Clobber Girl now pays out premium.

Superior Squad HQ’s build time is now 6s instead of 4h and it can now be placed on pavement, boardwalk, ornate pier and dirt too.

Pie Man Homer’s Stock Up on Pies job can now be done at Pies for Guns Booth too.

Death Mountain and The Collider Pt. 1 no longer requires the quest Hector Von Colossus to be completed.

Radioactive Man Statue’s build time is now 6s.

Radioactive Man’s Relax can now be done at Radioactive Man Statue too.

Spooky Campfire’s build time is now removed, it can no longer be placed on shoreline and it can now be placed on boardwalk and ornate pier too. The glitch getting kids stuck on their job on it was fixed.

Camping Tent now has 0.75% Bonus $ and XP.

Wildlife Sanctuary now has 3% Bonus $ and XP and can now be placed on pavement, boardwalk, ornate pier and dirt too.

Sir Love-A-Lot is no longer unique.

The limit of 1.000 Donuts at a time in a single sync of the game was lifted.

Joins us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “What Changed With the Superheroes Return Update? (July 19th)

  1. superefrain7 07/19/2017 — 23:31

    I cannot see Radioactive Man Statue in my store. How can I purchase it? I bought last year radioactive man bundle (with kane manor) and the Bartman bundle (with Bartman cave)


    1. in the Superhero Returns menu. Radioactive man and Radioactive man statue. 60 Donuts
      Not sure if you can buy the statue if you already have Radioactive Man


  2. Could it be there are trying to catch all, especially newer players, with past Superhero items before the release of a Part 3 update? Still, why the Spooky items updates or Bart’s quest? I was hoping for a Krusty University update given past takedown tease. We’ll see what this brings us in the next few days. Thanks for all your work and information as always.


  3. When will they release the The Scout Master? A must have. Thank you for your time and work. 🙂


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