Superheroes Returns: Returning and “new” items in the store!

A new set of returning items are now available in the store: Cyborg Snake, The Scout Master, Dr. Colossus, Spooky Campfire, Death Mountain, Wildlife Sanctuary, Camping Tent, Hollow Snake Trunk, Cyborg Snake and Springfield Penitentiary Bundle (Springfield Penitentiary w/Snake and Cyborg Snake), Death Mountain and Dr. Colossus. A new version of the Spooky Cabin, this time Premium with Bonus $ and XP, has been added too.

Note: After owning the first one, the Hollow Snake Trunk is located next to the Mystery Box in the Premium section of the store (Homer Buddha icon), however it doesn’t have the rebate on it.


14 thoughts on “Superheroes Returns: Returning and “new” items in the store!

  1. Is there any chance we might get another monorail station, or even two? I’m very proud of my monorail, which I have extended a couple of times as my Springfield has grown. But we really need more stations – I especially need one at the airport – where I have left a space for it.


  2. Quick question: Is Mr. Ding Dong a permanent addition to the game or will he leave the store soon?


    1. He’ll be leaving soon. We’ll post the usual 24 hrs warning, so keep following Topix.


  3. The Hollow Snake Trunk has a bonus 2.75% and only costs 10 donuts. It also earns income. BUY BUY BUY!


    1. How’d you get the hollow snake trunck it’s not available in my store to purchase????????


      1. ok found out it’s in the premium section (Buddha Homer icon) next to the Mystery Box!


        1. Thanks, I’ve found it in the homer Buddha menu as you said however there’s no donut rebate it costs 60 donuts???? Am I missing something for the rebate offer???


            1. I can’t see the rebate and I haven’t bought one yet…


              1. do you own one already from previous events?


  4. Wait if your level 5 and get the prison yout get cyborg snake and I have to pay 50 dounts👏👏👏


    1. They still have to pay 50 donuts


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