Stunt Cannon is a teaser!

While checking the Stunt Cannon files, we come up with something interesting, the fact that this update is a teaser for the next event, as the start and end dates are called “StuntCannonTeaser_Start” and “StuntCannonTeaser_End“. Is it possible the next event is Homerpalooza? Let’s find out next week on 31st when the update ends!


20 thoughts on “Stunt Cannon is a teaser!

  1. Hmm, I currently have about 60 donuts and gain about an extra 40 a day due to KEMing. With two days left on the superhero stuff, should I spend my donuts on the Scoutmaster, take a chance on the Mystery Box (I have Fruitbatman, the Asylum and the Tarpits left) or save up for the start of the next quest (I assume there will be a new character that helps with the event that costs upwards of 150 donuts). Of the mystery box items, I really only want the Tarpits and definitely don’t want Fruitbatman.

    tldr: Should I save donuts for the next event, get Scoutmaster or take a chance 1/3 chance on the mystery box?


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