Homerpalooza Event is LIVE!

A new event, previewed with the Stunt Cannon update, has started! It’s time for some music event, as the Homerpalooza event is LIVE! Straight from server update to the store download it now and join us later for all the infos regarding this event!

All the infos will be added slowly as we keep collecting them and organize them. Since like with all other events there’s a lot to process please be patient and ask in the comments if you want to know anything.


5 thoughts on “Homerpalooza Event is LIVE!

  1. I was surprised when i checked here for news, an update after 22.30 is a bit late for most people. I dont think i will get all the items this time, school holidays definately affect playing time! I also found the figures to tap in neighbours towns difficult to find even with the ability of zooming right in. Gonna be a tricky one, another 42 days too!


  2. I can’t place roads on either side…. πŸ˜•


    1. yes it happened already some time ago. it’ll be fixed soon


  3. I’ve waiting years for old Bleeding Gums Murphy !! πŸ€“πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»


  4. I’m sure it will be fixed soonish, but right now I can’t place roads on the new land on the side (the strip that goes down to the sea) but I can at the top


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