What Changed With the Homerpalooza Update? (August 1st)

The Homerpalooza event has just been released and as most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

The Splash Screen and App Icon were changed.

New Daily Challenges were added for the event.

A new row and a new column of land was added.

The social icon was changed.

The decorations limit was increased to 10.200.

Placing Black Leather Plane now yields 30 XP instead of 100.

During the event, Moe’s Tavern now requires Level 5 to unlock.

Lemon Tree can now be stored.

Building Woodstock Casino now yields 75 XP, lasts 6 seconds and its task is now premium.

Placing Walk of Fame Star now yields 5 XP.

A new character group was added, Musicians: Sherri and Terri, Homer, Lisa, Willie, Martin, Otto, Database, Janey, Lurleen, Dewey Largo, Rockstar Maggie, Cecil Terwilliger, Sideshow Bob, Jay G, Luke Stetson, Sophie Krustofsky, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Nick Delacourt, Peter D’Abruzzio, Freddy Freeman, Shredder Stevens, Alaska Nebraska, Leon Kompowsky, Rachel Jordan and Alcatraaaz.

A new character group was added, Bass Enthusiasts, with just Homer.

Guitar Central now requires Level 5 instead of 14 (visible) or 17 (buyable).

Youngsters can no longer Buy Instrument He’ll Never Learn to Play.

The quest Two Minutes of Hate now requires Level 5 instead of 17.

Placing Taste of Duff Truck now yields 45 XP instead of 30.

Alcatraaz, Alaska Nebraska, Shredder Stevens, Freddy Freeman, Peter D’Abbruzzio, Nick Delacourt and Weird Al Yankovic were added to the characters that can’t Attend Fundraiser and Elite Join an Angry Mob.

Señor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta and Pies for Guns Booth were removed from the Buildings inventory group.

Fiesta Terrace was removed from the Houses inventory group.

Rockstar Maggie’s Plug a Cable into Her Head is now located at Simpson Home instead of PolyVac.

Building Springfield Bowl now yields 60 XP instead of 100.

Snake was excluded from the job Go to Fallout Boy Insult Club.

Placing Welcome Bob Sign now yields 30 XP instead of 10.

Placing Outdoor Opera Seats now yields 20 XP instead of 15.

Placing Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth now yields 25 XP instead of 15.

Barbarian Statue was removed from the items obtainable from digging at the Excavation Site.

Placing Camping Tent now yields 20 XP instead of 100.

In the quest The Whickerman, Satyr Willie’s dialogue is said by Willie instead.

During the event, Money Mountain and World’s Largest Redwood were disabled.

A new date for Classic Mini Events was added, from September 28th to October 2nd. If Deep Space Homer wasn’t completed, and the user Level 60, it may enable the event again for that period of time. The scripts for it are not configured yet.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “What Changed With the Homerpalooza Update? (August 1st)

  1. They really should have put a warning other than this about redwood and money mountain I was still doing them and thought they had glitched until when I went looking for a solution on internet and someone in some comment left a link to here


    1. they fixed it now. they were probably testing it with the weird al possibly causing it trouble


  2. Ooh, what’s Classic Mini Events?!


    1. they seem to want to reactivate some of the minievents like Deep Space Homer but nothing really implemented yet


      1. Somebody Who Exists 08/02/2017 — 14:46

        So is the premium content for them coming back too then e.g Pro Shop for the Chilli event? Or is it just the actual prize tracks? Can’t wait to see what happens with this, there’s a few mini events I missed out on/didn’t finish 😛


  3. Tim Sherwood 08/02/2017 — 05:03

    Can’t place roads on new land? Glitch???


    1. yes known and already happened before


  4. James Necessary 08/02/2017 — 01:49

    Except for the rock and roll stage, no event related store items are appearing in the store, and neither is the event store panel. Are the event store items quest locked or something?


    1. they appear after you continue doing the 1st parts of the quest


  5. Update needed. You can’t place roads. On new land


    1. yes it happened already some time ago. it’ll be fixed soon


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