Homerpalooza: All Event New Items and Prices

The music is all over Springfield and new guests have happeared in the store. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the new items of the event!

All characters are playable, except Spotlight Dance Bot. Also, as a note, Manager Cletus’ jobs pays out premium!

image name cost
Prize Characters
Weird Al Yankovic
 Weird Al-truism Pt. 5

Nick Delacourt
 Act 1 Prize
Peter D’Abruzzio
 Sungazer Studio
Alaska Nebraska
 Act 2 Prize
Premium Characters
Spotlight Dance Bot
L.T. Smash
Classified Records
Freddy Freeman
 Sungazer Tour Bus
Shredder Stevens
 Sungazer Tour Bus
Leon Kompowsky
New Bedlam Rest Home
 Alcatraaaz’s Mansion
Bleeding Gums Murphy
The Jazz Hole
Rachel Jordan
Praiseland Promotional
Prize Character Skins
Rappin’ Bart
 Act 3 Prize
Manager Cletus
 Cletus’ Monster Truck
Premium Character Skin

Rockin’ Otto
Rockin’ Otto Bundles
Event Buildings
   Rock Stage  Rock and Roll
Never Forgets,
Unfortunately Pt. 3
   Kwik-E-Merch  Rock and Roll
Never Forgets,
Unfortunately Pt. 7
Prize Buildings
   Sungazer Studio
(Peter D’Abruzzio)
 Act 1 Prize
   Pop Stage  Act 2 Prize
   Hip-Hop Stage  Act 3 Prize
 All Sales Vinyl  Act 3 Prize
Premium Buildings
  Jazzy Goodtime’s  50
Snub Club  65
 Quitters  65
 Gold Records on
Walls Studio
 Classified Records
(L.T. Smash)
 Ned Bedlam Rest Home
(Leon Kompowsky)
Alcatraaaz’s Mansion
 The Jazz Hole
(Bleeding Gums Murphy)
 Solomon’s Temple
(Rewards 16
every 8 hours)
 Praiseland Promotion
 Rocking’ Ark
(Rewards 8
every 4 hours)
 Praiseland Promotion
Premium Building Skin
Flaming Moe’s
(Rewards 8
every 4 hours)
 Festival Fence  270
Prize and Crafting Decorations
 Pig Balloon  Act 1 Prize
Stage Turret  Act 2 Prize
Prize Decorations
  Rock Camp Thread Shed  Act 1 Prize
  Pop Star Plane  Act 2 Prize
  Cletus’ Monster Truck
(Manager Cletus)
Act 3 Prize
Crafting Decorations
  Duff Fence [x4] Craftable
   Floor Speaker  Craftable
 Skylight  Craftable
   Buzz Cola Fence [x4]  Craftable
   Laser Light  Craftable
 Smoke Machine  Craftable
 Duff Tent  Craftable
 Buzz Cola Tent  Craftable
   Cheering Crowd  Craftable
 Rock N’ Roll Cart  Craftable
   Rude Crowd  Craftable
   Concert Lights  Craftable
 Speaker Stack  Craftable
   Rock Camp Entrance  Craftable
   Bling Cup  Craftable
Premium Decorations
   Blasting Bass  45
Rock Neon Sign
(Rockin’ Otto)
 Rockin’ Otto Bundles
   Sungazer Tour Bus
(Freddy Freeman
and Shredder Stevens)
   Praiseland Gate  Praiseland Promotion
   Praiseland Wall  Praiseland Promotion
 Forbidden Tree  Praiseland Promotion
Prize Consumables
Free Land Token  Act 1 Prize
Act 2 Prize
Act 3 Prize
   Extra Cuffs
Weird Al-truism Pt. 3
   Extra Sunglasses
Weird Al-truism Pt. 3
Weird Al-truism Pt. 6
   Extra Blings
Weird Al-truism Pt. 3
Weird Al-truism Pt. 6
Weird Al-truism Pt. 9
Extra Festival Ticket
Act 1 Prize
Weird Al-truism Pt. 4
Weird Al-truism Pt. 7
Weird Al-truism Pt. 10
  Extra Festival Ticket
 Act 2 Prize
Extra Festival Ticket
 Act 3 Prize
Premium Consumable
   Legal Credentials Act 1:  90
Act 2: 60
Act 3: 30
Premium Bundles
Rockin’ Otto Bundle 1  120
  Rockin’ Otto Bundle 2  120
 Praiseland Promotion  185
Permanent Item’s Rebate
   Stu’s Disco
w/Disco Stu
Rebate: 75

Bundles content:

Rockin’ Otto Bundle 1: School Bus w/Otto, Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto

Rockin’ Otto Bundle 2: Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto

Praiseland Promotion: Rachel Jordan, Praiseland Wall x15, Solomon’s Temple, Rockin’ Ark, Forbidden Tree, Trees x4, Shrubs x8, Flowers x2

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


16 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: All Event New Items and Prices

  1. Hey WHY is Otto bundle 120 donuts if i already have Otto ..
    this is a rip off , I reckon !? Just saying !, I won’t Re buy Otto
    Cool game


  2. Hi Emma,

    1) Do we know the dimensions of the pop stage and hip-hop stage ?
    Because I used the rock stage as a template to design the area ready for the other two

    2) Do we know if all three will be jamming at the same time? Or just one per act with two unused in act 3?

    3) How many performers and slots will we have in act 3?

    Thanks for any help 🙂


    1. unfortunatly the only way to see that now is to have a modded game so we can’t check.
      should be no restrictions
      i don’t get what you’re asking sorry


      1. I’m wondering if we get 2 more stages, with 4 slots each for performers……. We’ll need another 8 performers in the last act ….we need every performer we can afford or win


        1. TheRealTiminator 08/06/2017 — 16:42

          I get what you’re asking Lee, I personally assumed that the different stages were just going to be skins of the same building, similar to the HQ building for the spy event where it morphed into underground HQ & lake HQ for each different Act and then when the event finished you were able to switch between them at will.
          If I’m right then the footprint size will remain the same, if not I can’t see where we’ll get enough performers to fill 3 stages plus Moe’s, Simpsons & Kwik-e-Mart.
          Guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out.


          1. It is three separate stages…… and don’t worry about the extra eight slots….there’s plenty more premium characters coming to fill them



  3. Aafreen Inayat 08/04/2017 — 15:41

    Hi Gio

    Firstly, thanks for all the work you do here. That’s a lot of file & image extraction, then uploading here & typing text …… so thank you

    But I have a request/suggestion …… In this post, when you mention the character name, you do mention the name of building it unlocks with. But there is a lot of info in this post (as it is about the entire event), so when I get to the Buildings section, I notice the donut price of each building, but Ive already forgotten which character gets unlocked with it

    So my suggestion is that when you mention the donut price of each building, please take the little (extra) trouble of mentioning which character does it unlock

    e.g. You wrote Classified Records is for 140 donuts ….. It would be nice if it was also mentioned under the donut price that it unlocks L.T. Smash (Yes, I know you wrote L.T. Smash gets unlocked with C.Records at the beginning of the post, but it would be nice if the character + building + donut price were mentioned together)

    Just a suggestion. Please do not be angry …….. Thanks again for all your TSTO event work


    1. I can do that. Thanks ill edit it a bit later to add the info


      1. Aafreen Inayat 08/07/2017 — 07:44

        Thank you so much Gio for considering my suggestion. Much Appreciated!!!!!!! = ))))))))))


  4. Oops. I bought the Spotlight Dance Bot this morning thinking it was a playable character since I didn’t see “NPC” listed next to his name. I went back to this post and noticed in the beginning the note about him not being playable. That’ll learn me to read the article more fully.


  5. TheRealTiminator 08/04/2017 — 12:54

    Great job as always bringing this all together so us freemium players can choose where to spend & where to save our precious donuts.
    Would it be possible to create a breakdown of which characters can perform on stage in which Act please?
    I’ve already bought Bleeding Gums & he can perform in all 3 Acts, but my GF bought the Sungazer Bus only to find that Shredder & Freddie can only perform in Act 1.
    Many thanks as ever. 🙂


  6. Any chance that Jay G (from the Great Fatsby) will be available during this event?


  7. James Necessary 08/03/2017 — 19:47

    How often do fans spawn in my Springfield? Is there a particular location that they spawn from, or is it just random?

    Also, on an non-event related note, I know there is only a 10% chance of him appearing in my town since I haven’t unlocked him as a playable character, yet, but are there any particular locations in my Springfield that Sideshow Bob is likely to hang around so that I can keep watch and spot him when he does appear?


    1. Tap Weird Al and the fans will go to him. Fans are also drawn to the stage, moe’s or Kwik e mart (if musicians are jamming there)
      Bob usually goes to Squidport, at least in the Other Springfield. If youre working on unlocking him, the red dot will be gone from the taskbook icon and you can start looking for him. (4arrow, close eyes on everything but the characters, slowly scan your town)


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