Homerpalooza: All Event Returning Items and Prices

Many musical items awaits us in this new event, and many returning items too. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the returning items of the event!

All characters are playable, except Street Cleaner.
is a NPC but has a dual job with Jay G.

image name cost
Premium Characters
Rockstar Maggie
 Springfield Hyperstadium
 Street Cleaner 90
Rebate: 35

Jay G
Jay G’s Mansion

Jay G’s Mansion
Premium Skins

Opera Krusty

Captain Bob
 Concert Mystery Box

Saxophone Lisa
Concert Mystery Box
 Oedipus Rx 2.500
Premium Buildings
 Guitar Center  50
 Springfield Hyperstadium
(Rockstar Maggie)
 Concert Mystery Box
 Duff Center Arena  Concert Mystery Box
 Woodstock Casino  75
 Springfield Bowl 60
 Jay G’s Mansion
(Jay G and Goosius)
Jay G Bundle
 Garbage Pile  500
 Recycling Bin 1.000
 Devil Donuts Cart  5.200
 American Flag  5.600
Craftable Decorations
 White Spotlight  15
 Multi-colored Spotlight  100
 Cycling Spotlight  120
Premium Decorations
Walk of Fame Star  5
 Garbage Can  Garbage Can Pack
 Green Bin   Garbage Can Pack
 Zenith City Bin   Garbage Can Pack
 Outdoor Opera Seats  20
 Wavy-arm Elder God  20
 Camping Tent  20
7200 Ounce Squishee  25
 Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth  25
 Welcome Bob Sign  30
 Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons  30
 Black Leather Plane  30
Stack of Beer  35
 Elder Blimp  35
 Garbage Truck  35
Praiseland Statue 40
 Duff Party Bus  45
 Taste of Duff Beer Truck  45
 Duff-Barney Blimp  Concert Mystery Box
Wickerman  Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Small Pagan Tent  Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Large Pagan Tent  Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Carnival Banner 1  Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Carnival Banner 2  Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Brazier Wickerman Festival Bundle
 Tailgate 200
Rebate: 100
 Jay G’s Pool  Jay G Bundle
Premium Consumable

Concert Mystery Box
Premium Bundles
 Garbage Can Pack  5
 Wickerman Festival Bundle  100
Jay G Bundle  225
Rebate: 75

Bundles content:

Garbage Can Pack: Garbage Can, Green Bin and Zenith City Bin

Wickerman Festival Bundle: Wickerman, Small Pagan Tent x2, Large Pagan Tent x2, Carnival Banner 1 x2, Carnival Banner 2 x2, Brazier x2

Jay G Bundle: Jay G’s Mansion w/Jay G and Goosius and Jay G’s Pool

Concert Mystery Box possible content:

Captain Bob, Saxophone Lisa, Springfield Hyperstadium w/Rockstar Maggie, Springfield Clamphitheater, Duff Center Arena, Open Air Stage, Duff-Barney Blimp

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: All Event Returning Items and Prices

  1. superefrain7 08/06/2017 — 06:15

    I can’t find anywhere when the Simpson Houseboat is going to come back? Do you know when is going to come back?


    1. Just check the evend dates post for all the dates


  2. What do the symbols mean that are next to the characters that can be sent to jam sessions. Is there a certain formula to use? I keep playing around to see which combo gives me the greatest rewards, but is there an easier way?


    1. TheRealTiminator 08/05/2017 — 15:12

      The symbols indicate which Acts they can perform in:
      Blue hand = Act 1 (Rock Stage),
      Pink headphones = Act 2 (Pop Stage),
      Green $ sign = Act 3 (Hip Hop Stage).
      Strategy wise you want to hit as many bonus boxes as possible, cos these score 75 whereas the intermediate boxes only score 25.
      I personally fill the Kwik-e-Mart, Moe’s, & Simpson’s House as they are only 2 boxes each, then send whoever else you got left to the Rock Stage.
      As their star ratings level up they pay out slightly more each but it doesn’t matter what positions they are in to the total paid out, you just got to get as many of those bonus boxes filled as possible to maximise your earnings.
      Hope this helps.


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