Homerpalooza: Star Management

Managing your performers is an important step in the event to earn more currency. Follow us right after the jump for a guide on how to!

By performing on stage, or using donuts, you can upgrade the performers’ star rank.

Using the Star Management screen, you can check the progress.

Higher ranks earns more rewards from Jam sessions.

The following table contains the cost per character. Blank spaces means they already have that level. Due to the table being too big, had to create a picture of it on WikiSimpsons for better understanding.

Each time you finish a performance, the various venues change between the three genres, at random. The characters for each genre are as follows:

Rock: Homer, Lisa, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, Rev. Lovejoy, Nick Delacourt, Peter D’Abbruzio, Rockin’ Otto, Freddy Freeman, Shredder Stevens, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Rockstar Maggie, Weird Al Yankovic

Pop: Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson, Bart, Alaska Nebraska, Leon Kompowsky, Maggie, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Rockstar Maggie, Weird Al Yankovichì

Hip-Hop: Lisa, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, Milhouse, Bart, Krusty, Maggie, Alcatraaaz, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Weird Al Yankovic

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Star Management

  1. timjimcarson 08/10/2017 — 13:07

    So, is Dr Nick, listed in the table, a typo, and should be Nick Delacourt?


  2. When do Bart, Ralph, Maggie, Otto etc become available for use on the stages?


      1. I have looked there and still dont see any mention about bart ralph and maggie.


  3. Does this mean that freddy freeman and shredder stevens are useless in act 2 and 3??


    1. it’s the stage they can perform at


      1. Aafreen Inayat 08/07/2017 — 07:25

        Gio, let me ask Jo3breaker’s question in a different manner

        Will Freddy Freeman & Shredder Stevens be able to earn currencies of Act 2 & Act 3??

        If you reply “No”, then Freddy Freeman & Shredder Stevens are useless for the event after Act 1

        If they will help earn currency in Act 2 & Act 3, then I will buy them right now before they disappear from store

        So please advise. Thank you


        1. Aafreen Inayat 08/07/2017 — 07:39

          Now I have a question of my own. I was thinking of buying the Rockin’ Otto bundle today (I do not have Otto in my town)

          But I noticed Rockin’ Otto is not mentioned in the Pop & Hop-Hop genres ….. so will Rockin’ Otto not be able to earn currency in Act 2 & Act 3??


        2. Apparently not :/
          also otto only rock


          1. but 100% not sure as we can’t unlock the other 2 stages to check proper. files are not that clear on that either..


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